Sunday, December 30, 2007


I like to think that I am a crafty person. In the past year and a half I have not had any time to pursue many of my crafts. I really enjoy scrap booking, crocheting and sewing. I am not an expert at any, just a novice that enjoys it.

I am blogging about this because I finally did a crafty project. I am so proud of myself. Mind you I worked on it mostly late at night or really (I mean really) early in the morning. None the less I completed it and I have plans to do more.

Here it is: my first Taggie Blanket!

I made it for a friend who just had a baby boy. I made all the tags from remnant fabric and the blanket is fuzzy fleece with white fuzzy fleece on the other side. It is really soft and cuddly.

Bubbie loves the fabric so I am going to make him a larger version of this one for his bed/crib.

I can't wait to give to my friend and her baby. She talked about the taggie blankets and all I could think of was how they couldn't be to difficult to make.

The best part about making things is giving them away to people who will enjoy them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning

So this was our first Christmas in the new house and Bubbie's was able to enjoy it (now that he is 17 months old). We made it home late on Christmas Eve, but we made it. I so wanted Bubbie to wake up in our own house for Christmas morning.

Bubbie's eyes lite up when he saw the Christmas tree all lite and the presents underneath. He wasn't really into opening the gifts but he was into playing with them. He really enjoyed all the things he got.

Even though we were so busy running around visiting we had a great Christmas. To top it off Bubbie was well (no fever, no ear infections...knock on wood).

Looking forward to the New Year! We will have a new addition to our family in April so we are already blessed.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year to all!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

I must say I am completely unorganized this Christmas. This has been the year of transition for our entire family. Even though we are finally in our own house and both G and I are working in the same state we are still far from settled. We threw in a pregnancy just to boot!

So this year we did not get the Christmas lights out, or to many of the decorations. I can say we did get a live tree and decorated it. Bubbie just loves it. His face light up when you bring down stairs in the morning and he see all the lights on it. He even help decorate. I am also proud to have gotten my Nativity Set up. That is about the extent of it.

No matter what I am really looking forward to Christmas morning with Bubbie. Last year he was only 6 months old. This year he will be able to open his presents by himself. I couldn't be more blessed and I am so Thankful for all that we have.
I would like to extend a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and a Great New Year to all in the Blogosphere. I am so looking forward to the new year and reading every ones post.
See you next year!
HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I never think I have anything worthwhile to write about so I tend not to write (I also suck at grammar if you haven't already noticed). I do however continue to read. I love reading ever bodies posts. Then I thought I should just write about anything. Nobody going to reprimand me if it sucks (just the opposite, no one has ever left anything but encouraging comments). Blogging for me is a outlet so I should just let it out.

I had the opportunity today to stop by Bubbie's daycare during nap time. It melts my heart to see him sleeping on the toddler cot like a big boy.

I realized that my baby is no longer a baby. I am welling up with tears as I type this. I can remember the first moment I saw him and the recognition in his eyes at my voice. I can still remember the sweet smell of his soft fine baby hair and how it would stick up after I washed it. I replay his first year of life over and over in my head with total disbelief that he is 17 months old.

I never knew that I could love a short, messy, non-compliant, temper driven individual so much. He never follows direction, he tears my house up, he make more laundry than my husband and me combine, he waste perfectly good food, he make me late for work, he exhausts me and won't let me go to the bathroom in peace. Yet, I wouldn't trade his stinky butt for the world. Now that's love (I would never stand for that if it was my husband).

He has his good points too. He gives the best opened mouth sloppy kisses, his laugh will melt your heart, you can't have a bad day after he smiles at you, he learns something wonderful and new each day, and he smells great after a bath!

It amazes me that he is mine and the God has trusted me with this unique individual. I am definitely blessed and now I will be doubly blessed when then next one arrives. I know that when the new baby comes Bubbies will definitely no longer be my baby, but he will always be my Bubs.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dancing Elfs

Here's a Christmas Dance from my family to yours:


(I crack up everytime I watch it)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Yesterday we had out 20 week ultrasound. I was nervous (I always get nervous about these test), my husband could wait to find out the gender.

The US tech was awesome, she explained everything she was looking at. Here is the tally:
10 finger
10 toes
4 chambers of the heart
2 half of the brain
and a extra appendage between the legs!

We are having a boy!

I am going to be the proud Momma of two boys. I am so out numbered now, it just me an the cat.

G was gleaming when she told us boy. I am ecstatic all measurements were within normal limits and no major issues were identified. I am also happy to know he is a boy. I like knowing, so I get a sense of them in-utero. I felt like I knew Bubbie before I delivered him, I think knowing he was a boy helped.

My mother thought it was great, she said I get to be the Queen of the castle!

Yeah for me!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frightful Fever

First let me say that Bubbie is now well and just fine, he did give me the scare of my life a week and a half ago.

He had a left ear infections (always the left) and had finished his antibiotics 2 days prior to waking on Sunday with a high fever. I thought he had a virus, one of his classmates had recently had Roseola. I gave him Tylenol and monitored him.

He was just not himself for most of the day. We continued to monitor the fever and give Tylenol but it never came back to normal. In the mid-afternoon his temp was 102 so I gave him Motrin (thought he wasn't responding to the Tylenol so I would try the next choice).

10 minutes after the Motrin he had a febrile seizure. Last 3 mins and he was post-ictal for about 15 minutes after the seizure stopped. We of course rushed to the ER while the seizure was happening and it ended in the car. Even though it was 3 minutes it felt like a life time.

As soon as we got to the ER they stripped him down, gave him Tylenol suppository, a cool sponge bath and fluids. He was back to himself in no time.

It was the scariest thing I have ever had to deal with. I tear up thinking about it now.

I have learned quite a bit since that time:
1. My husband had a febrile seizure as a toddler, so that makes Bubbie genetically predisposed to having them.
2. They don't not predispose him to epilepsy, and they are not harmful to his brain.
3. Most kids grow out of them by the age of 5 and he has a 50% chance of having another before that time.
4. If he has another I don't need to rush him to the ER unless the seizure last greater than 10 minutes, let the seizure finish and treat the fever (don't try to stop the seizure) and of course call the doctor.
5. There really is no way to predict if he will have another.
6. A tepid bath really does bring a fever down

In the end he was found to have another left ear infection and now they feel that if he has one more ear infection he will need to see an ENT for tubes.

He is now "afebrile" (without fever) and you would never know that he went through that. Kids are so resilient, I on the other hand have still not bounced back from it. I am getting there though.

On a happy note: 20 weeks pregnant with my little peanut, started to fell him/her move and kick (love it) and on Monday have the 20 anatomy scan ultrasound. If the baby will let us we are going to find out the gender.

I will keep you all posted.
Thanks for letting me get all that out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Mom

As crazy as things have been with the new house, let me just say I am very happy to be there. I am also very happy to be 18 weeks pregnant, and mother to a 16 month old (very energetic) little boy. I am also extremely happy to be married to my best friend.

So why is that I get so angry at them from time to time?

This morning is a perfect example. For some reason I got up first (4:30 am) but was the last to get ready (couldn't get in the shower till 6:49 am, have to leave by 7:00 am). Everyone else had their clothes ironed and on, their bellies feed and their lunches pack. Momma even did a load of laundry and put the dishes away. But, as we walk out the door my hair is still wet and I was lucky I got to brush my teeth and put on moisturizer.

Then to top it off my DH continue to ask me what to do.

"Do you want me to put on Bubbie's shoes?"

"Do you want his coat on?"

"Do you want him in the car?"

You would think we never went through this routine. I was so, so, so angry. It was like trying to get two kids out the door. Then I thought to myself, "what am I going to do when the next one come?"

I almost cried at the thought: I have visions of me going to work in my PJ's with my hair in a ponytail and no shoes... arghhhhhhhhh!

So I ask my DH why am I the last to (sort of ) get ready and why does he need so many directions from me.

This was his answer: "Your the Mom."

So there you have it, I am the Mom! (who needs some time management help)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Things are as crazy as they can be right now but I really wanted to post Bubbie's in his Halloween costume. He had a blast.

Next year will be in our own home (settled yesterday) and we can't wait for Halloween to decorate (couldn't do much this year).

Hope all had a fun trick-or-treating!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Music to My Ears

Again it is Friday, I haven't had the chance to post all week, but I have great news.

Secondary to my "advance maternal age" I had my first Ultrasound this am as part of a sequential screen. It's nice to have the non-invasive option over the Amniocentesis. I think I would only consider that if there was a problem with this test.

I had to go to the test alone this time cause we have Bubbie and he needed to get to school. So I get there early and I have the first appointment (I always make the first appointment) so I didn't have to wait at all.

As soon as the US tech put the warm gel on my abdomen I started to hold my breath. I think he could tell I was nervous. So as soon as he put the transducer on he turned on the Doppler and I could hear the babies heartbeat.

Of course I started to cry.

It was so awesome to see my little peanut. At 12 weeks she/he really looks like a baby, not just a blob. I could even see the baby move and put it's hand in it's mouth. The heart was beating strongly at 160. Music to my ears!

I have been walking on cloud nine since and showing off my peanuts first baby pictures.

28 weeks to go!

Friday, September 28, 2007


I am just really glad it is Friday. I don't have much to post but I wanted to reach out.

My head cold turned into a nasty sinus infection but I am on a pregnancy safe antibiotic. Its not very strong so it has taken over a week for me to get improvement but I am almost 100 percent. Yeah! No more nausea either (knock on wood).

The house is coming along. They were suppose to be done today, but we knew that would never happen. The drywall is there but not up yet, its progress.

G is so ready to get into the new place. The novelty of living with his parents has now wore off for him as well. The best part is we are both on the same page now. I have my ally back!

Bubbie is no longer a baby. He gets taller by the minute and is changing so fast. He realized he can walk backwards and can amuses himself for a while just practicing. He can sort of say "All done" when he is finished eating and grabs the side of his tray to let us know. He is developing a very unique personality. His daycare teacher tells me he is a Ham at school and loves to put on a show. He loves to fill the sink with toys, she says there is always something in the sink when she goes to wash her hands and she knows it from him.

It feels like yesterday I brought a baby and now he a little boy. I no longer have a baby I have a little boy.

I love having a little boy, can I stop him there?

Looking forward to a nice weekend! Hope everyone has the same. TGIF!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bubbie V.S. G

My dear husband G and my dear son Bubbie have decided to have a battle of wills.

G: "He needs to learn to go to sleep on his own. He knows if he cries enough you (and he say it like its a dirty word) will pick him up."
Me: "Fine than I just won't get involved."

So while I was away G basically "Ferberized" Bubbie very successfully. Now he goes to bed, fusses once or twice and then he is down.

G - 1 Bubbie - 0 :^)

G: He needs to learn that he can't get into bed with us at 4:00 am, he must stay in his crib.
Me: But I am so tired, I can't take the noise.
G: You can't pick him up, you have to let him cry learn.

It has been 5 days were G has successfully gotten Bubbie to stay in his crib all night.

So this morning at 4:00 am Bubbie started again. I went to the couch. G held strong for about an hour. After an hour G comes out in the living room holding a wide awake, sobbing 14 month old. Now we all have been awake since 4:00.

G- 1 Bubbie- 1 :^o

The worst part is that this is not my battle and I have to listen to it. I admit I would have totally caved after 5 minutes. I am tired and at 4:00 am. I still have 1 1/2 hours I can sleep, I 'll take it.

It will all be alright.

I am going away again and they can battle it out. When I get back there better be victor one way or the other.

Cause as the saying goes "when momma ain't happy, nobodies happy."
(And when momma pregnant she is TIRED!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It official!

It official and the cat's out of the bag. We are going to have another baby!

I am beyond happy, as well as beyond nauseous. I am a little upset that I am so nauseous 24/7 and at the same time it is reassuring. When I was pregnant with Bubbie I only had waves of nausea at random times of the day that lasted only a few minutes. This time I just feel bad all day. Now to top it off I have a raging head-cold *sniff-snuff*

I am excited to be a mother again and scared at the same time to have two in diapers. My SIL thinks its better to just get it all over and done with in a few years. She says that there is 4 years of her life that were just a blur.

I have already developed pregnancy brain. It sets in pretty early with me. I put milk in the pantry and the cereal box in the fridge. I can't remember to wear my name tag for work, I drive past the street I turn on to go home. The list is endless.

I don't know how Bubbie will take it. I tried to tell him he was going to be a big brother and all he does is shake his head NO!

I went to the doctors today and all is well so far. They took a gallon of my blood and I just love peeing in the cup (fun, fun!). I will schedule for a 12 week ultrasound (secondary to my "advanced maternal age" - make me sound old huh?).

I can't wait to hear the heart beat! Tomorrow my embryo will officially be a fetus, woohoo!

So we have a lot going on and it should be an interesting 10 month journey.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Home

It has taken a while and it been a long time coming but we found a house!

We actually decided to go with new construction. We had such a rough time finding a older home that did not require a ton of work. To top it off the prices were outrageous. It was not like these houses were updated and they were asking top dollar.

I don't care what anyone says about it being a buyers market. Things are definitely in your favor if you don't mind buying crap or doing a lot of work. Otherwise unless you are making a mint you can't afford anything decent.

So we went with a smaller home but it is brand new. I even got to pick the kitchen cabinets and counters, the rugs and the hardwoods. It was like being a kid in a candy shop.

Now it just has to get finished and we will officially be home!

I am counting the days!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In the toilet

Bubbie was innocently playing with G's name tag from work the other day. He has the kind that is on one of those retractable cords. Bubbie loves to pull it out and let it go. I really didn't think much of it.

So there he was merrily running around playing with daddy's name tag, and being quite no less. Then I realized it was just a little to quite. I look out from the kitchen, no Bub's. I notice the bathroom door open.

That the other new skill he has acquired. My in-laws have those lever handles on the door, he figured them out in no time.

I digress.

I realize that he is in the bathroom and make a beeline for him. Just as I turn into the bathroom he lets go of daddy's name time right into the toilet. As I reach in to retrieve it, I realize that not only is it daddy's name tag but daddy's thumb drive from work.

Now I panic.

Good thing G was home. I told him right away. He was not at all upset. He did have 4G of info on the drive, but he didn't break a sweat. He was able to retrieve all the data and dry it out.

When we move into the new house I am seriously going to invest in all kinds locks (toilet, door, cabinet, drawers etc!).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Morning!

I was just over at Mommy Vents and read her Fun Friday post. I love the idea of only blogging fun, happy things on Friday.

One of my favorite things to experience is the look on Bubbie's face when we gently wake him in the morning. We quietly call his name as he stirs from the depths of slumber. He is disoriented as he pulls up to stand in the crib, he looks like a lost puppy.

Then the realization of who we are sets in and he spits out he Binkie and a huge grin appears. He puts out his arms in the universal fashion for "pick me up now". When we pick him up he lays his head on your shoulder and snuggles.

It doesn't last long because as soon as he is fully awake he is raring to go. You see I have a spitfire on my hands, the toddler that never stops. So the few moment of quiet snuggling and morning grins means the world to me. If I could just bottle it I would.

Cheese with that?

"Would you like cheese with that?"

Sound like a simple, easy question doesn't it? Not when it come to my dear husband.

I heard somewhere that it take an "average" person a few seconds to process a question and answer back. Well G is not average. You ask a simple question like, "would you like cheese with that?" and it takes him all day to answer you. It's not like I am asking him if he would donate a kidney, just if he wants cheese on his sandwich.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

I can't believe I remembered it was Wordless Wednesday, I always forget.

Just in on the fun over at Wordless Wednesday.


Paying attention to the details are important to me. Even before I had Bubbie I like to know all the details about an upcoming event. I like to plan accordingly and be on time and in the right place. Since having a baby that has become even more important or I would never get anything done or make it anywhere.

My husband on the other hand feels that details are for the birds. You should go through life just winging it. I guess it true what they say about opposites attracting.

We were invited to a wedding in which G was the best man. He also was staying with said couple while working at his previous job. He was with them for the past 5 months, he started a new job the week before they married. That being said you would think he would know some of the "details" about the wedding.

I'm not asking for much, just when, where and what time.

Now I know what your thinking....what about the invitation? They sent it to him at their address since he was staying there. Please do not ask, I still don't get it. Non the less I would even talk with him on the phone while he was in the same house with them and still not get a straight answer.

He even rode a train to work everyday with the groom and still I couldn't get him to give me the exact places and times. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating.

So when the big day came I ended up being 2 hours late for the reception because I told my MIL it would be OK for her not to cancel her 3:30 appointment. I was under the impression that the reception did not start till after 4 anyway (Got that from G, "after 4" was what I was told). Not much detail going on.

Here's the real details: Wedding 1:00 pm, Reception 3:00 pm

So I show up to the reception and upset. To top it all off, my husband was sitting with the bride and groom at a small table. I was seated at a table full of people I didn't know. There was another table of people I did know on the other side of the room, but I was not placed there. My husband knew I was going to be late and when I got there had no idea where I was to sit. He didn't even make and attempt before I got there to find my seat for me.

Let just say, I had a huge minor fit.

A lot of this could have been avoided if I was provide with the most minor of details.

And as always G still doesn't see what the big deal was. ARGHHHHHHHH!

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's been a while.

I definitely am having blogging withdrawal. It has been a few weeks since I have blogged, let alone read any.

I thought when I went out of town on Business I would have tons of quite blogging time. Wrong!

I went out of town and got stuck each evening going to dinner with the rest of my team. Now don't get me wrong I enjoyed eating with the group. I enjoyed not having to fight a one year old to eat, I enjoyed the food (it was hot).

I just thought we would get back in time for me to have a couple of hours of free time. Not!

I terribly missed Bubbie while I was gone. Cried the moment the plane landed and realized I couldn't kiss him goodnight. Couldn't sleep, woke up to check on him and realized he wasn't there.

When I got home he had grown attached to G. That lasted all of two hours after he realized I was staying. He looked like a little boy when I got back, I was like "what did you do with my baby?".

He recently started to carry things around. It gosh awful cute to see him running around carrying his Buzz Lightyear doll "action figure". Right before my eyes he is turning in to a full fledge Toddler.

On the home front: we are still looking for a house, still with the In-laws, still living out of a suitcase (arghhhhh). We have some prospects in mind and I hope that it will not be long. I long for a home of my own. I never cared much about closets or dressers, but since I haven't had either in over 5 1/2 months now I realize I took them for granted. It so frustrating when G asks me to put something away and I have no place to put it.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Bubbie!

Here is Bubbie on his first birthday. Pop Pop made his cake, vanilla cake with a raspberry filling and butter cream frosting. It was like eating the best Krimpets® ever. As you can see Bubbie loved it.

The next day the whole crew loaded up and took a day trip to The Please Touch Museum.

He loved it and was completely worn out by the end of the day! I will definitely be taking him back.

The best gift he got for his Birthday was his Dad being home with us for good. Now we are trying to find a house for us all.

House hunting takes sooooo much time. I hope to find one soon so we can settle down in one spot.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Snack Time

I still have to blog and post pictures about Bubbie's 1st Birthday but I want to tell you about the snack we shared today.

Bubbie was getting undone waiting for everyone to get home and for dinner to start. I decided to give him a little snack. I grabbed his snack cup that was filled with crackers. They were a little stale (been in the cup 2 days max), but they did the trick.

He was doing really well pulling the crackers out of the cup, having a good time. I asked him if Mommy could have a cracker and he pulled one out and put it in my mouth. He proceeded to feed himself more crackers. I again asked if Mommy could have one and he pulled the cracker he just put in his mouth out and put it in my mouth.

Now that's love!

Best stale crackers I ever ate.

I am really loving this Mommy stuff!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorry and a Boo Boo

First, I want to apologizes for my very scant post lately. These past few weeks have been beyond crazy and by the time I stop and sit down for the day, I am not even sure where my laptop is to Blog. I really appreciate all of you that have stopped by and left me comments, I feel bad that I don't blog more. I really want to, believe me.

I am hoping that with the new developments on the home front I will get my wish. G finally got a new job back "home", he come home tomorrow for good. The best part is he comes home just in time for Bubbie's 1st Birthday.

I can not believe he is going to be one.

That brings me to the Boo Boo. Here we are 2 days shy of the covenant 1st Birthday and Bubbie falls at my sisters house and get the biggest, ugliest, bloodiest bump on his noggin.

We stop by to pick up cupcakes that she made for his class at daycare (she is the best, I don't have time to make the cupcakes so she did it for me, I really do know how lucky I am to have her). So now for all those wonderful 1st birthday pictures he will have a purple knot on his forehead. I will post one once I take it tomorrow.

He goes for his 12 month well visit on Thursday with that knot. I hate taking him to the doctors with bruises. My PCP is great though, she has 3 kids of her own.

I digress.

This weekend I will be moving back to were we belong, a 10 minute commute from work and I will have my husband back (for good I hope). I also hope to have more time to dedicate to my blog.

Blogging and reading others blogs has been a great comfort to me in these last few months of transition. I am looking forward to continuing to see were it take me and all my blogosphere moms.

Thanks to all of you. Blog you soon!


Friday, July 20, 2007


I made it through my first week at my new position. The hardest thing to get use to will be sitting in a office chair most of the day.

I do feel like a fish out of water. I went from working in the clinical word (with people) to now working in the technical world (with computers).

This past week I went to more meetings than I did in my last 5 years at my previous job. One day the project manager even told us to go to lunch and expense it. I almost fell out of my chair, I never got lunch at my last job let alone go out and charge it to someone else.

Soon I will go to school to really learn the system I will be working on. I hope that after that I will at least feel like I belong in the pond with all the other big fish.

Overall, a good week. I am learning all new things and I am really excited about the challenge. Let hope I am still saying that in 6 months.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Milk does the body good??

So I was a little over zealous with the wean from formula to milk. I felt that at 11 months and 1 week I could start the wean without issue.


Bubbie had all kinds of issues in the beginning, I swore he was lactose intolerant (runs in the family on his fathers side). The Doctor tells me that babies usually develop intolerance as they age.

Bubbie was on so many formulas until I made the executive decision to put him on a milk based lactose free formula.

Ahhh, heaven.

So at 9 months I slowing switched him to a stage 2 formula that was milked based and not considered lactose free.

No problem.

Here I go with the next phase, formula to milk. Slowly creeping it up till it was half/half. Still seem to be find.

Last weekend I ran out of formula and went straight to full milk. He lapped it up like a kitten, loved it. Hurray!


He liked its taste but his belly had other plans. All of the sudden he has had horrible yellow/white diarrhea 6 x a day.


No that's not an official diagnosis but as I have gone back to the stage 2 formula thing are starting to improve. His bowel are still very loose but starting to resemble a normal color.

Has anyone else had this issue? I am going to ask the Doctor if I should try Lactose free milk or if I just have to stick with the formula.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

You would think by now I would know

This is just going to be a short long rant. I have to get it out or it eats me up.

I am spending the weekend at the in-laws, so I still have two days to go. Let me just say I love them to death and they are very good to my family. I just get frustrated when my MIL questions my ability to know what my son needs or wants.

Yesterday, Bubbie did not take an afternoon nap, so by 7:00 pm (normal bed time for him is 7:30-7:45) he was completely undone and wanted no part of his dinner (they always eat that late). I made the executive decision to give him a bottle and put him down for the night. Of course I got the "are you putting him to bed this early?" comment. He was sooooo tired, you would think by now I would know when he is need to go to bed.

This morning when I came out to living room with him (mine you we had been up for a hour already) I put on Toy Story. He loves it and it gives me a chance to make a trip to the powder room without a baby clinging to my leg. I got the "the experts say that any TV at a young age creates a short attention span" comment. Well guess what, if it holds his interest long enough for me to go the bathroom in peace the experts can Kiss My A**.

Then, when I went to feed him at his normal breakfast time, he was giving me a hard time. He was throwing his bagel on the floor, spitting the eggs out, etc. His normal eating routine. It's never a straight up chow down for him. He messes around, eats a little, messes around, so on and so forth. I get "are you sure he is hungry?" comment. I feed this child 4 bottle and 3 solid meals a day, you would think by now I would know when he is hungry.

Thank God we are house hunting today and tomorrow. Pray I find a home of my own soooooooooooon!!

Thanks for listening, I feel much better!

Monday, July 9, 2007

8 Random Facts

I was tagged by In the Trenches of Mommyhood for a 8 random facts meme. I hope you don't run away screaming in boredom.

Now remember she didn't say they had to be interesting facts, just random. Here it goes:

1. I am also hopelessly addicted to the Big Brother reality show. Last year I got my husband hooked. I don't really watch that much TV, it's usually on the Noggin Channel but I TiVo Big Brother as to not miss and episode. I will even read transcripts of the live feed on the Internet. Like I said, addicted.

2. My mom was right about my husband! She would always say that I would meet the "right person" when I wasn't looking or least expected it. Damn it, my mom was right! (I hate when she does that)

3. I use to smoke but gave it up totally the day I found out I was pregnant and I never have and won't go back.

4. I am slightly obsessed with baby boy's clothes. Bubbie doesn't need any more clothes but I always find thing that he really (really) needs. To my credit though people do comment on how snazzy he dresses.

5. I have taught myself to make pillows/blankets/curtains with a sewing machine. I wish I could do more. I may take a class someday. May I can make some clothes for Bubbie.

6. I read cookbooks like novels. I can settle down for the night with a cook book and read until I fall asleep. I actually thought about going to culinary school at one time.

7. I use to help a friend of mine "show" sheep at the State Fair when I was in my late teens. This task involved washing the sheep (with shampoo for curly hair) and carrying them (because they would roll around in the dirt if we didn't) back to the pen for clipping. Nothing smells better than a wet sheep!

8. I crack my "knuckles" and it drives my husband insane. Once I crack one I have to crack them all and G gets so annoyed with me. Hehehehehehe!

Now I get to tag 8 people: This was hard because I know a lot of my fellow blogger have already been tagged and there are so many to choose from.

1. Kara at You Can't Reason with Crazy

2. Lost in the Sauce at The Three Fruits

3. Meg at Simply Nutmeg

4. Chelle at Crazy Thoughts

5. Awesome Mom at Adventures of an Awesome Mother

6. Angela at My Daily Struggle

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8. Jen at Get In The Car!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Launching Torpedo’s

Up until now all of Bubbie's baths have been pretty uneventful. Splashing, playing and drinking soapy water was the extent of them.

Just two days ago my father made a comment about babies and baths. Something about "Launching Torpedo's", it took me a minute or two but I realized he was talking about POOP!

Well, he must of had a talk with Bubbie about this. Yesterday I was giving him a nice long bath, were I was letting him play for a while before I got the soap out. Just as I was reaching for the baby wash this large brown "torpedo" came whizzing by. I wasn't sure what I was looking at. Then I realized there were numerous "torpedo's" just floating around.

I had to get him out, fish out the "torpedo's", clean all the toys and refill the tub. He sat on the floor of the bathroom just giggling away. I scrubbed him really good, I was afraid I might miss a spot were poop could have touched.

Let's just say he was the cleanest he has ever been after all that.

You know for sure your a Mom when you are fishing Poop out of a tub and not in the least grossed out.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

The very awesome, generous and funny lady over at Simply Nutmeg bestowed the following award upon me recently:

First of all this is my first award. I would like to thank my husband for his kind support (as you all know he is a saint "You have got to be kidding me "). I also like to thank Bubbie, without him I would not have much to blog about, he fills my life with joy and wonder (I wonder a lot lately) on a daily basis.

Most of all I would like to thank all my fellow Mommy Bloggers in my wonderful Blogosphere. I really enjoy reading about your adventures. I feel like I am not the only one having fun or struggling to survive.

Now I get to tag 5 awesome Rockin Girl Bloggers: Of course Simply Nutmeg totally rocks, and here are five more.

1. You can't reason with Crazy : I so wish I would have thought of this title for my blog, she has two awesome boys and relates to the everyday aspects of raising boys.
2. In the Trenches of Motherhood : She has three boys and I love all the things her boys get into, it's like looking into the future, I am taking notes.
3. My Daily Struggle : I really want to take photography lessons from her, she take the most amazing pictures and has an amazing daughter. Her pictures are worth a thousand words.
4. Crazy Thoughts : Chelle has one boy/one girl. Amazing kids that keep her busy.
5. The Three Fruits : this blog has just got started, I think she only has a picture currently posted. I am hoping that this aware will inspire her to blog so you all can see she really does rock!

So now I am off to find a nice spot on my side bar to put my award. I am just glowing with pride. Thanks Meg!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Got it!

I recently posted "I think I can." I had just been called for an interview for a new job. Since that time I interview three times and just got offered a new position.

Yippee, hurray!

I am really excited about the job. Its a great opportunity and a resume builder. Not to mention a nice pay raise.

It really floored some of my co-worker that I was leaving. I never let anyone know I was even pursuing new avenues. Change is good, and I really need it.

So in 2 weeks I start my new position. My one apprehension is that I have to go out of town for training. It will be the first time in Bubbie's life that we will be apart for more than a few hours. The longest I have left him is 9-10 hours at daycare.

He will probably do fine. I on the other hand will drive my sister nuts calling to see how he is. Do you think she will mine if I phone at 3 am to see if he is breathing?

Friday, June 22, 2007

You have got to be kidding me?!

Currently Bubbie and I are residing with my parents. I commute to work 4 days a week and work a 10 hour day. 3 of those day I take Bubbie with me. I recently posted my schedule, and you can see I have a full day.

It became blatantly obvious to me today that my own mother doesn't think I am at all busy.

G came home last night. He is normally 3 hours a way, staying with friends while working at a new job. His current job requires him to be in front of a computer most days.

Today he spent the day with Bubbie. Bub's is a little under the weather mind you (teething, loose stool, diaper rash), so he required a little extra attention. I don't believe that he was terribly difficult today from what G told me of the day.

The thing that has me floored is my mother. If she told me once, she told me a thousand times since I walked in the door how much work G did today taking care of Bubbie. Mine you I got up at 4, commuted 1 hour each way, worked on my feet 10 hours and fought beach traffic on the way home.

I am inclined to believe that my mother loves my husband more than me. What's up with that. It's like she is completely oblivious to what I do and deal with. No wonder she keeps calling me a martyr when I complain about how tired I am.

So my husband mines the baby (with both my parents home) for one day and she is ready to canonize him.

I feel sorry that he is married to such a derelict.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Walking on Sunshine

He's walking, another milestone under his belt!

He has been letting go briefly since the middle of last week. Friday G and my mother were betting on when he would up and step off. G guessed in 2 weeks, Mom guessed in one. I just hoped he did it before he was 12 months.

He showed us all. Father's day (Sunday) evening he up and step off and took 6 steps across the room. I almost fell out. He just looked at me an took off.

The best part was he had that "look what I did" expression. He was awful proud of himself when he made to the couch.

He is not real steady, nor is he running but he is WALKING!

The only down fall to the event was that G was not there. He was actually on his way back to were he is currently working (3 hours away). So G hasn't seen him actually walk yet. I am excited for him to be here this weekend to see him.

New Daycare

We in the third week or Bubbie's new day care and so far things are great. It's not just the convenience of him being at my work but the people that care for him.

There are about 4 children in total in his room and they are not all always there. The 2 women in the room where he is really like to take care of the children. I don't know how to explain it but you can tell they really enjoy it.

Bubbie has no problem with me leaving in the morning, he has new friends and great caregivers to hang out with. They even do small craft project and go on "buggy" rides (they have a cart with 4 seat that has harness', and they take the children on walks around the facility). He loves the rides.

He made G a Father's Day card, which was really cute. He takes a book from home each day for story time (right now his favorite is "We're going on a Bear Hunt").

They daycare also has an open door policy (I can just come on down when ever I want, I love that). I do try to show up at random times just to see how he is. He is always happy and playing.

The 2 women in his room spend more time on the floor with the kids then anywhere else. They are not just sitting there watching the kids, they are actually playing and interacting.

So far I am really glad I put him back into daycare. It has been an overall good experience.

Let's hope this continues.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bubbie's Father

Bubbie isn't old enough yet to tell you about his awesome dad, so his awesome mother will try to play tribute.

Bubbie couldn't be a luckier boy than to get G as his father. He will be able to learn numerous life lessons all from one man.

1. Don't sweat the small stuff. Water off a duck back, that is G approach to it all. I really hope Bub's can learn that one.

2. No matter how optimistic you are, a little pessimism will keep you in check with reality.

3. You can take more in if you take your time.

4. Progress takes time.

5. Listen more than you speak.

6. Technology will take you into the future. Gadgets are good.

7. Hard work and good ethics are a must.

8. Respect your family. (Especially your mother.)

9. Shaving is a chore. (He really hates it!)

10. Jean's are dress clothing.

11. Check your credit report often.

12. Double check the internet for deals.

13. Rough housing is a way of life.

14. You are loved no matter what!

15. "We are so glad you have come"

Above all, I can't teach him to be a man. His father will be the one to teach him that.

But most of all, he will probably teach him how to pee on the tree in the yard ( all so he doesn't have to go inside).

An believe you me, if G was reading this he would agree and be very proud.

Most of the time he would joke, but I know that if, in the end my son grows up to be half the man his father is we have done good.

A little kudos to my in-laws...great job...good man!

So G, all I got to say is Happy Father's Day, we love you!

Way past bed time.

G and I just got home at 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. It was the first time in a long time that we actually went out with people our own age after 8:00 p.m.. It was awesome!

We went to dinner with my best friend and her paramour, which we didn't get to until 8:00 p.m.. We had two (2) bottle of wine between us all, one red, one white (a bottle of red, a bottle of white....Billy Joel...even funnier E's boyfriend's is name Joel).

The food was great ( I didn't need the salt or pepper), and hot. I didn't have to pick up any utensils off the floor, or wipe off any sticky fingers or mouth. I had a great cup of coffee after dinner with cream and sugar ( I normally don't even have time to put in cream and sugar). No desert needed, to full from great meal.

That was pretty much it, but it was great. When we got home Bubbie was asleep, he didn't give my parent's toooooo much trouble ("just being a baby" my Father would say).

Overall...great night...much needed!

Happy Birthday E!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was just over at You Can't Reason With Crazy and was able to totally relate to her latest post, apeshit…I’m going apeshit.

I just sat down for the day and I am a little piffed about the whole thing. I am most pissed piffed that my husband is out of town 5 days of the week for the past 3 month, 13 days ( not that I am counting). I on the other hand am living with my parents (yes I am nuts) and commuting an hour to work (wait for it , wait for it)....with the baby.

Tonight he was just not having any part of "bedtime". So here it is (10:46 pm) and he has been asleep for only one hour. (Arghhhhhh).

I don't usually rant, but I really need to. This was my day:

4:00 am - Bubbie's wake up...make him a bottle in 1.2 minutes (any more than that and it all out anarchy)
4:01.2- 4:07 - Feed Bubbie the bottle (he won't hold the early morning bottle)
4:07 - 4:30 - Rock him back to sleep and pray he goes (fingers crossed the whole time) To be honest it's the one time he will just lay quietly in my lap so I secretly enjoy it.
4:30-5:30 - Make coffee (a must) and ready self and all baby gear for work.
5:30 -5:45- Wrestling match wit ha 10 1/2 month old to change a diaper and dress for the day, load him and paraphernalia in car.
5:45-6:45- Commute................Thank God for car DVD players.
6:45-7:00 - Feed baby in office and try to keep the cereal bar and yogurt of the rug ( I don't know if they ever vacuum)
7:00 - 7:03 - Walk to daycare.
7:03-7:15- Get Bubbies settled at school (sneak out while playing so he doesn't melt down)
7:15-7:18- Walk back to clinic.
7:18-7:30- Log on to commuter to start clinic.
7:30- 12:00/12:30 - Morning Clinic
12:30 -12:33- Walk back to daycare
12:33- 12:50- Feed Bubbie lunch.
12:50-12:53- Walk/Run to Cafe to grab sandwich
12:53-1:00- Get lunch and walk back to clinic
1:00- 4:30/5:00 -Afternoon Clinic (Eat sandwich between patients)
5:00- 5:03 -Walk to daycare
5:03-5:08- Gather up Bubbie and all his stuff
5:08-5:11 - Walk back to office
5:11-5:15- Make sure I didn't forget to finish something
5:15-6:15 - Commute (did I mention the DVD player)
6:15- 6:45 - Fight with Feed Bubbie dinner
6:45-7:00- Bath Bubbie
7:00-7:45 -(most nights, not tonight) Play with Bubbie and sneak out of the living room to got to the bathroom while he realizes I am gone and throws a fit.
7:45-8:00 Put Bubbie to bed (tonight he did not go down till 9:28 (yes I was watching the clock)

Then I usually get a chance to wash bottles/prepare food for next day/take a shower/ occasional load of laundry and then maybe check a few blogs or write an entry.

I would love to see my DH schedule next to mine.

Are you tired yet? I sure am. So now it is waaaayyyy past my bedtime.

Pray I have a good night!

Wordless Wednesday!

Just in on the fun over at Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Water Baby!

Bubbie's first time in a pool.

He loved it, he is definitely a water baby.
The float we got was the best.
The whole gang.
Bub's and Mommy
Let's go!
Check out my hair...
Here's a closer look, Mohawk's rock!
I am so glad summer is here!


A one hour commute can get a little monotonous. I usually pass the time listening to talk radio/news. Now that Bubbie make the commute with me things have changed. I have said before Thank God for car DVD player, but I do try to limit the amount of time he is mesmerized by the "boob tube" (to quote my father).

On the commute home today I decided to play a music CD and see if I could get him to sing (babble) along. We have the first season CD from
Jack's Big Music Show, one of Mommy's Bubbie's favorites. So there we were singing along, after the second song I look back and Bubbie is sound a sleep.

I decided I was going to continue to jam along with the CD. So there I was jammin and singing along to the kid music CD (You know you have done it). I wasn't actually belting it out loud, I probably looked like I was to my other fellow commuters, but I was lip syncing (so I wouldn't wake the baby).

I actually sang along listened to the whole CD 1 1/2 times (it is a long commute). It was actually nice to listen to something other than the news for once. The CD is actually really good. My favorite songs are
Grumpy and Under a Shady Tree .

Jam on!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I think I can, I think I can...

That what I keep telling myself.

After all our family is going through I decided to apply for a new job. Its a job in a whole different direction/field that I am currently doing. I will be able to apply my current experience and knowledge, but I will have to learn a whole new skill set. ( Am I crazy???)

I didn't even think that my resume would have been looked at. Two days after I applied I got a preliminary phone interview. Today I was scheduled for a real live interview. Now I am nervous.

I know I can do this job, I am just not so keen on major life changes ( but for some reason that's all I have had in the last five years).

The other good thing is the position is with the same company I am currently working for. So my position will change but Bubbie and I will still go to the same place. The other scary thing is those I work for now don't know. (Now my stomach hurts).

Deep breath. I think I can, I think I can...

Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Ear (Can you hear me)

Called the nurse on Sunday. She didn't tell me anything I already wasn't doing for the fever. She recommended he be seen by the Doctor Monday morning (he was suppose to start his new daycare Monday morning).

Since I spoke with the nurse Sunday he has been cool as a cucumber, not a fever in sight. We still took him to the doctor's Monday. Fever still gone but his left ear was "red" (this is the extent of the information I get from G when he takes him to the doctor's), now on antibiotics. He has had 3 other Left ear infections in the past. I hope we are not on the path to tubes.

On a lighter note. He did go to daycare yesterday and did great. He really liked the two ladies in his room, there were only two other babies in his room the same age as him. I don't think he even noticed when I left. (I of course had knots in my stomach)

The best part was I was able to go to the center at lunch and feed him lunch. The fact that he is a 3 min (I timed it) walk from me is so comforting. He also did great on the commute. Thank God for car DVD players, Baby Einstein and Toy Story.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oh, the Fever?!

I am at such a loss. Bubbie's has had a low grade fever for three days. I am going to breakdown and call the nurse referral line today. (My doctor's office is awesome)

He has no other symptoms except this fever and it is driving me crazy. He is eating, drinking, playing and peeing. He is a little more fussy than normal but nothing overly alarming. Poor Bubbie, he is probably tired of having his temperature taken. If his ear temperature is over 101 I will take a "Hinney" temp, so not his favorite. The highest it has been is 101.3 and there are time when he is 98.6 even without the Tylenol.

He is beginning to think Tylenol is a treat. I come at him with the dropper and he opens up like a little bird. (Can babies get hooked on Tylenol?)

He is suppose to start a new daycare (at my work, close to mama) on Monday and he has this fever. Arghhhhhhhhhhh.

Lord, help me!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Skills

I love the look on Bubbie's face when he discovers a new skill. It that "look what I did, cool" look.

The other day he was in the bathroom with me and discovered that the cabinets below the sink opened. The first time he did it he gave me that look. He then preceded to open and close the cabinets a zillion time, banging them shut each time.

Guess that mean I have to start seriously baby proofing my parents house. I went to Target and purchase a cabinet lock.

The next day, Bubbie was again in the bathroom with me (no one ever told me I would never again get to go the bathroom in peace when I was pregnant) and pulled up on the cabinet. He tried his new skill of opening the cabinet to no avail.

He gave me this look like "what the heck happen here". I just said to him, "look what mommy did, cool!"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Breaking the Rules

Background: We are temporarily residing with my parents, in the process of moving. It has been great for the most part. It is difficult to find your way as a new parent when you have two veteran (4 children) always around.

My Dad has a thing about babies on the floor (we use to be in playpens), babies crawling around the house (since there is so much he can get into) and mostly babies crawling on the tile floor. That last one I still don't get.

So for the most part Bubbie is stuck hanging out in his "play yard" (it is basically a modern version of the death traps playpen). He is not so keen on the confinement. He has this new found mobility that he want to uses and explore.

I really do feel for him, but when my parents are around we follow the veterans advise. They are always around, poor Bubbie.

Well, yesterday we got a few hours when both GM and GP were out of the house. Woo Hoo, party time.

I took Bubbie with me in the kitchen (on the tile floor) and let him crawl around, pull out pots and pans and bang them with the wooden spoons. This gave me an opportunity to wash his bottles (by hand, no dishwasher).

Next thing I know he goes for the dogs water bowl. I was hot on him. Then I thought maybe he would enjoy playing with water (it was a hot day). So I took a plastic bowl and FILLED it with water. I am not sure why I filled it but I did.

He loved it. Hew had water every where and he was soaked head to toe. I laughed the whole time and told him PopPop would have a conniption if he saw us.

In the end I cleaned all the water up, gave Bubbie a bath in the sink and put him back in the "play yard" before the rents made it home.

When they got back, my dad asked "Did you mop the kitchen floor?"

"Yes" I said, winking at Bubbie.

"Thanks" said GM

"No Problem" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Under the boardwalk, down by the sea.

We went to the shore this past weekend to visit my in-laws. Since it was a big travel weekend we decided to make it an all around adventure for the family. We took Bubbie for is first boat ride. We had to get there an hour prior to the departure, and we opted for the 7:00 am boat.

Here he is at 6:20 am, ready to go!

G and Bubbie waiting for the boat.

This is what happens to a 10 month old on a calm 90 min. Ferry Ride. The rocking of the boat literally put him to sleep.

On the boardwalk, I totally had to buy that hat for him.

First time I put him on the sand he made a beeline for the ocean.

That's my water baby!

Second day he was not to sure about the sand.

But he was all about the water!

Waiting to go home.

We even took the Ferry home, I didn't get anymore pictures because it was the same thing. He was lulled to sleep by the boat.

Overall awesome weekend. Would definitely take the boat again and I can't wait to take him to the beach when he can really play in the water (it was extremely cold this weekend).

I hope everyone else had a good weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Thank You

So its Memorial Day weekend. All my co-workers spent the day discussing their weekend plans, beach, BBQ, party, travel, etc. Not one person mentioned that they were going to go to a cemetery and honor a fallen Hero. I don't even think they even know what we are suppose to be observing on Memorial Day.

I want to send out a Thank You to all the families of fallen Heroes this weekend. Their family member lost there lives so we could continue to enjoy the freedoms we have and hold dear.

I have two family member currently serving in the US military and I am very proud. I always worry about them as they have both been deployed and one is leaving again soon.

I asked my brother once while he was on deployment if he felt he was making a difference by serving in the military. He told me he does it so his nieces and nephews may one day only have to read about terrorism in a history book.

Fight the good fight. Remember our fallen Heroes this weekend. Say a prayer for all the other Heroes protecting our freedoms.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sucker for Toys

Why is it that I can not just go to the store for one item? I have been looking for a mesh crib bumper for about 3 weeks. I went to all the local stores with no luck. I knew the Babies-R-Us had them, but it is somewhat out of the way.

Today I actually got done work early and traffic was not so bad. Since the traffic was light I was able to take the highway near the only Babies-R-Us anywhere remotely near me.

I was only going to spend 2 minutes to get the bumper and $24.99. Well, 40 min's and $84.99 later I was armed with the bumper, a unbreakable mirror, a little tike's boom box, 4 board books (Goodnight Moon, Runaway Bunny, Gossie and Ollie), playschool busy beads, a shape sorter and a little people dump truck.

Bubbie loved all of them, definitely worth the trip. At least I actually got what I had went for this time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Heart

Bubbie took a late afternoon nap today so he was up much later than usual when I got home tonight. I decided that instead of doing laundry or ironing clothes for work tomorrow I would play with my Bubs.

I climbed into his play yard and we had a great time. I realized that he has learned so much recently. He knows that a ball bounces, he hits the drum with the stick, and he was pushing a truck.

I was in complete amazement. I don't think he knew all these things even 2 weeks ago. Just watching him play and learn reminded me of a quote I read:

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

~Elizabeth Stone

I just sat there and watched my heart playing with his toys.