Sunday, May 31, 2009

Best Shot Monday: Saturday Fun

I got the chance to spend Saturday with my friend Shelly and we went into the city we loving call "Philly". We first went to Luna Salon where I chopped off all my hair, and then to the Italian market for some good food and back up to Reading Terminal for more...good food.

I have what my sister calls "parking mojo", that mean I can always find a place to park. What I don't have is "parking ticket mojo", which means that even though I put the money in the meter it runs out seconds before I get there and I end up with a ticket that cost more than it would to park in a garage.

I digress.

So after chopping off my hair we headed to South Philly! This is the only place I took a few shots. We were so busy shopping that I kept forgetting to take a picture. I will be taking many more of Philly in July when I participate in Scott Kelby's wide world photowalk, so excited.

Fante's is a a cookware shop where you can find almost any kitchen gadget or baking supply. Did you know there is a tool to peel banana's with?

We must have spent a good 45 mins in there. I bought a bunch of stuff I did not need but I had to have.

There are a couple mural right in the center of the market, one for the landmark DiBruno Bros and one for the late major Frank Rizzo.

I am calling this one my Best Shot for this Monday. When I think of the Italian Market this is the picture in my head.

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BTW: if you are ever in Philly you must go to the Reading Terminal to Carmen's Famous Italian Hoagies and Cheesesteaks and get a Chicken a la Rocco with extra die for!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Job Mommy

The other night I was reading a book to Francesco. We were reading by flashlight, one of his new potty prizes, when the light hit my wedding ring as I turned the page. He asked me what it was, I said "That's Mommy's wedding ring." He then started to examine it closely with the flashlight. I then point out to him that the top ring was my engagement ring, that Daddy gave Mommy when he asked her to marry him. The bottom ring was the wedding band that Daddy gave Mommy when she said, "I do."
He looked up at me, shined the flashlight in my face and said, "Good job Mommy, good job."

As I kissed him on the forehead when I went to leave the room, I thought to myself, "Good job Mommy, good job!"

Of course I can't write a post without a picture. I just love pictures of my boys at play, something about this one really appealed to me so I am sharing.
I hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theme Thursday: Memories

End of May 2006 ~33 Weeks Pregnant with Francesco.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down...but not out.

So my in my last post I just got finished the "Go Live" of the project I am working on at work, the boys were sick (one after the other) and I was exhausted!
Since then the boys are better, 3 members of my team lost their positions (this I will never understand) , we are down to 2 people on my team, the work is piling up and I am exhausted.

This picture really sums up how I feel right now.

On a happier note...Francesco is working on (and being very successful at) potty training. I will hopefully get some time to write that saga down. If I had only known I just had to wait till he was ready...who knew.

So as the norm has been lately, this may be the only post from me for a week or two. I am a little down, but definitely not out. See you on the flip side.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dust is "Starting" to Clear...I Hope!

What's that saying...When it rains it pours! Well it's been pouring here. Just as I thought things would settle down my boys decided that I needed more to worry about.
First, Francesco had Strep Throat and had to spend 3 days home from daycare. That's 3 days home in the house, that in its self is enough to drive a Mommy over the edge, but we survived. He also did excellent at taking his medicine and even though he is done he keeps asking for more.
Then Nicolo felt it was his turn to play the sick card. He decides he going to up the ante and have a bad bout of Bronchiolitis with and ear infection. Double whammy! Nicolo is not so cooperative with the nebulizer or the oral medication. He has now learned to spit the medicine back out, this is after a few second so you think he swallowed it...but he didn't. Also, try holding a loud, mist blowing mask up to the nose and mouth of a one year, who you have to normally pin down just to wipe his nose. FUN!
Well that was all in the last two weeks and as of this beautiful Monday Francesco is over it and Nicolo is well on the mend. Nicolo is even slightly more cooperative with the neb, the same can not be said for the antibiotic, but I will take what I can get.

This is what Nicolo thinks of his medicines.

This is what he thinks of his new nap schedule.

We are trying to transition him to one nap a day so as to be on schedule when he moves to the toddler class at the end of the month. Here I was trying to give him a snack to keep him occupied and he fell asleep. I am calling this my Best Shot this Monday.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is what a 103 fever and strep throat looks like.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Best Shot Monday

I am amazed what a change 5 years can bring. My niece went from a cute kid, to a pretty little girl and now a beautiful young woman.

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