Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bottle War Continue

After my last post we had two awesome nights. Same bedtime routine, off to sleep without a hitch. Slept through the night till 5:45-6:00 am. Perfect! I never even mentioned how great he was doing to anyone. G and I would just look at each other with this knowing look in the morning. We were afraid of jinxing ourselves.

Last night it appeared that the trend was not to continue. There was some mild fussing after being put in the crib, took him about 45 mins to fall asleep. I had to sit with him for a few of those mins (rubbing his feet). Eventually he was out.

1:15 am, he woke up and started to fuss. We made sure he had the binky (two of them for that matter), we changed his diaper, checked his teeth, even gave him Tylenol. Nothing worked. We tried the sippy cup with water, that did not go over well at all.

I held and rocked him for the first hour and then G took him. He actually took him downstairs so I could get some sleep (which is not easy when you know your baby is upset). We knew that I would give in, so G took him. He said he was up for about another hour and he would hold him and rock him, but no bottle.

He finally went back to sleep. Mind you we all needed to get up about 2 hours later, but we managed. He did not appear to be any worse for the wear this morning, just a little extra cranky.

So Daddy won the battle last night. Tonight cross your fingers. We couldn't give it to him even if we wanted to. Tomorrow he is getting Tubes in his ears and not allowed anything but clear liquids after midnight.

Send me all your good Momma Vibes, I will need them.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bubbie 5 - Mommy/Daddy 3

I am not ready to give up but at present we appear to be losing the battle. I am trying to take away the middle of the night/early morning bottle with minimal success.

Bubbies is 18 months and 32 lbs., I really don't think he needs a bottle at that time anymore. I can't believe that he is hungry, he is not malnourished (you've seen his picture). I just don't know why he continues to want a bottle.

I was trying the whole cold turkey approach. I thought things were good over the weekend. He did get up early 5:00-5:30 but I was OK with that. We got up, made coffee, played a bit and ate breakfast at his normal 6:15-6:30 time. He was ready for a nap earlier and slept 3 hours each day (not a bad thing)but otherwise was fairing well.

Last night we appeared to be back to square one. He was up at one and fuzzed (occasionally screamed)for two hours. We tried to give him a sippy cup with water. That did not go over well. We eventually broke down and gave him a bottle (we were exhausted).

Is he thirsty? Why won't he take the water? Is he hungry? He can't be. Is it just habit? I have to get him to give this bottle up. I am not taking the bedtime bottle away (just yet), but I can't have him up every night for a bottle at age 2. We have a new baby on the way and I really, really, really need him to sleep through the night.

Does anyone one have any suggestions. Desperately seeking advise!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Stepping up

I know that most of the time I complain about the trivial things that my dear husband "nags" me about, but he does have his good points. He proved it just the other day.

I woke up sick to my stomach and with absolutely no appetite the other day (28 weeks pregnant). I manage to go to work, and force down Sprite and Pretzels throughout the days. I even manage to take Bubbie to the ENT specialist, which consisted of a lot of waiting (with a Spitfire Toddler) and multiple test.

The Audiologists need Bubbie to sit still and quite for most of the test (is she nuts? No, she meant it). I spent most of the afternoon wrestling him to sit still and to not destroy the doctors office.

Needless to say I was SPENT! By the time I pulled into our driveway I had absolutely no energy left. I couldn't even get Bubbie out of the car seat. G came home within the next five minutes so we waited. He helped to get Bubbie in the house and settled.

I told him that I really needed to lay down for a few hours. He said, "go I'll take care of Bubs."

Well I never hear a peep out of them and slept 10 hours (which I really needed). He feed him, bathed him, played, changed for bed, gave the bottle, put him to sleep and even took the monitor out of our room so that I would not be disturbed.

I of course thanked him the next morning and to top it of he said that no thanks was necessary. He thanked me for not getting up and resting. (Normally I just can't let my mommy duties go).

So even though he can drive me bonkers on a regular basis, he can really step up to the plate when needed. Like I said before I do love him.


BTW- Bubbie is going to have Bilateral Myringotomy with tubes(ear tubes) in a week. Let cross our finger this gives him some relief.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Just in on the fun over at Wordless Wednesday

This is what happens when you leave the dryer open to go answer the phone.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How many napkins do you really need?

This past Saturday Bubbie and I got up before G and headed downstairs. We spent a few minutes making coffee and playing with his blocks before breakfast. We then preceded to get the day started with a nice hot homemade breakfast.

Bubbie was sitting in his chair, nicely eating his eggs as the rest of the meal was almost complete. I called upstairs to G that breakfast was almost ready and he replied, "be right there".

So as we sat there eating this nice hot breakfast I realize that I didn't put any napkins down. I get up, go to the pantry and pull out 3 napkins. One for G, one for Bubbie and one for me. I hand them out and return to my nice hot breakfast.

G then turns to me as says, "Can I ask you a question without you getting upset?"

(This can't be good if that is how he starts)

I say, "Sure????" (with a slight hint of apprehension in my voice).

He says, "I am not upset, but I want to know why, when you get napkins you only bring enough for each person? Why don't you grab a stack like I do so there will always be some the table?"

Me: (with a look of "are you frickin kidding me")

So I let him sleep in a bit, make breakfast and all I get is I don't put enough napkins on the table? There is already enough frickin stuff (bills, mail, receipts, checkbooks) on the table, a pile of napkins would not be an improvement.

Now we use to have a napkin holder but in the midst of our 9 month limbo (of which was not my doing) with no home and stuff in storage I have seem to misplaced it. Shoot me!

He then precedes to add injury to insult in trying to justify his comments. He bring up the fact that when I replace the toilet paper in the bathroom I only put in one roll. I don't place an extra stock of rolls.

Hey, at least I replace it and how many do you really need at one time.

Sounds to me like someone is too lazy to get napkins or toilet paper and therefore wants convenient access to the goods.

Now I am really pissed.

So this was my solution:

Do you think we have a sufficient supply handy now????????

Oh, but I do love him.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

This morning was the coldest it has been this season for us. I was extremely lucky my parents brought Bubbie's new coat to us yesterday. Either they knew it was going to be really cold this morning or my Dad wanted to try out his new GPS. (They live an hour away and came by yesterday to drop off the coat) Either way it was a godsend.

Here he is this morning before school:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Women

I thought my son would love me and only me until he was at least 30. I never expected that at the tender age of 18 months he would heart another women.

Yesterday I went to pick him up from daycare. He was across the room and started in my direction. He then preceded to bypass me and head straight from one of the girls in his class. He leaned over with a open mouth and attempted to kiss her on the mouth. She gently put up her hand to stop him and then turned her head and leaned her check forward for him to plant his slobbery kiss on. She smiled and he giggled. It was so stinkin cute.

I must say that he does have good taste, she is a beautiful child and as sweet as pie. Nothing like the "bull in the china shop" toddler that I posses.

I teased him on the way home..."Bubbie's has a girlfriend", he just giggled and clapped about it. Soon he will be asking for the keys to the car.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Go Figure

So we have been dealing with multiple recurrent ear infections with Bubbie since the age of 6 months. He had one after the other from January to March of last year. He seemed to of made a full recovery during the spring and summer but as the fall months approached they (the ear infections) returned.

We are currently treating our 4th ear infection in a matter of 9 weeks. It is very frustrating and I feel so bad for Bubbie.

We are scheduled to see the ENT specialist at the end of this month, I can not wait. I am actually hoping they will put the tubes in his ears. The poor kid needs a break. I believe the current infection is just plain resistant to even the strong antibiotics, we shall see, we are on our 3 class of antibiotics now.

So for the past 5 days the poor kid and his wonderful parents have had absolutely no sleep. I can only image how hard it is to sleep with the pressure behind his ear drums and the cough that just won't let up. To top it all off he only wants to lay on his 6 1/2 month pregnant mothers belly.
Picture this: a 32 lb toddler laying on your 26 week pregnant belly (tossing and turning all night) while the little one inside you kicks constantly (most likely in protest to the pressure from his brother) and you are stuck laying on your back. How much sleep do you think you would get?

So, last night Bubbies made a turn for the better, the cough has subsided, the fever is gone and he was ready for a good night sleep. Sleep he did, for a straight 10 hours, God knows he needed it. Momma on the other hand didn't. Go Figure! Why?! God knows I was tired and no one was climbing all over me. It was the lack of activity and fussy that kept me up. I had to keep checking to see if he was OK, it had been so long since he was able to sleep I thought something must be wrong.

Needless to say he was in great spirits this morning, which makes up for my lack of sleep. I just hope tonight we both get the hours needed and then all the spirits in our house will be good!