Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oh, the Fever?!

I am at such a loss. Bubbie's has had a low grade fever for three days. I am going to breakdown and call the nurse referral line today. (My doctor's office is awesome)

He has no other symptoms except this fever and it is driving me crazy. He is eating, drinking, playing and peeing. He is a little more fussy than normal but nothing overly alarming. Poor Bubbie, he is probably tired of having his temperature taken. If his ear temperature is over 101 I will take a "Hinney" temp, so not his favorite. The highest it has been is 101.3 and there are time when he is 98.6 even without the Tylenol.

He is beginning to think Tylenol is a treat. I come at him with the dropper and he opens up like a little bird. (Can babies get hooked on Tylenol?)

He is suppose to start a new daycare (at my work, close to mama) on Monday and he has this fever. Arghhhhhhhhhhh.

Lord, help me!


  1. This happens to my son when he's teething. And I've wondered, too, if they can get hooked on the tylenol/ibuprofen! It must taste pretty good!

  2. I was going to say it sounds like teething ... At one point we were teasing Becca and would prompt her to say "I's a druggie!" it was cute yet sad she needed pain relief so much!

    Hope the little guy feels better soon!

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  4. Has he had Roseola? It usually presents with three to five days of fever followed by a rash. Nothing serious! Good luck!

  5. My bet is teething! I blame everything on that until they they have all 20 teeth...

  6. my daughter asks for medicine. i swear it didn't taste as good when we were kids.
    also, i'll be interested to see what the nurse says. audrey had the same symptoms and she was diagnosed with stomatosis- blisters on the back of her throat. no wonder why she didn't have an appetite!
    i hope everything is alright!