Sunday, November 28, 2010

When in doubt and true to form.

I was questioning Nicolò's language development over the past few months. The only gauges I have are Francesco who, once started, never stopped and the girls in his class that speak like little women. The other day one of the girls from his class saw me in the hallway and said, "Hi, Nicolò's mommy! Are you coming to take him home now?" The most I get out of him, with prompting, is to just say Hi. Then when I get to his classroom I am inundated by the girls explaining to me what he did today, if he followed the rule, if he was nice, where his cubby is, etc. Nicolò is in the corner dressing his Matchbox car in a Barbie dress.
So in my mind I questioned and I was concerned.
I then took him on Wednesday for a follow-up Hearing Test and Ear Check (he has those wonderful tubes). He aced the hearing test and his tubes were in and clear. Since I was concerned I told the Audiologist and the Nurse Practitioner my fears that he was behind. I wasn't sure so, when in doubt...ask.
They were great, they reassured me, gave me handouts on where he should be at 2. 2 1/2 and 3 years of age. These handout also had tips on how to foster more language development.
So I took these handouts and was on a mission to figure out how "behind" he was. They also said if I felt he was really behind to talk with his Pediatrician about it.

Well...I began to question, test and listen to him all the time.

True to form, Nicolò decides to prove me wrong. Just like the last time when I told the Pediatrician he didn't put two word together. The next day he was doing just that. Since I said something, I SWEAR, he has gone through a major language leap. It may also be that with my concern and the handout I was tuning into him more, but I am floored by the resent developments.

So the next time I am worried about a developmental milestone I am going to bring it up to the doctor sooner so he can prove me wrong...again.

I don't like to be wrong, but in these cases I am good with that!
**Update 11/29/10 - last night (or really early this morning, let's say 4ish) Nicolo was sitting up in his bed, calling for me. When I go to see what was wrong he point to his sheet and say, "look a snowman." Can someone please smack me, what's that saying...careful what you wish for!


Calvin: Sometimes when I'm talking, my words can't keep up with my thoughts. I wonder why we think faster than we speak.
Hobbes: Probably so we can think twice.
~Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving

This year was the first Thanksgiving that we hosted. I was a little worried that something would go terribly wrong but I am happy to say it went off without a hitch. It was a super busy day but everyone pitched in.


My favorite part of this Thanksgiving was having my own little helper. He loves to watch "cooking shows" with me (partially to stall from going to bed, but also because I know he enjoys learning about cooking). I am hoping he will be able to take over for me in a few years.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Car Conversations

I need to put these things down just so I don't forget.

On the way to school/work this morning Nicolo was playing with the voice recording on the DSi. Francesco's voice is recorded in all the files and Nicolo was making them do all kinds of funny sounds. Francesco proceeds to tell me how it's his voice and Nicolo should record his own to play with. I told him to let it go, he could play with the DSi on the way home. (now repeat the last two sentences 3 times.) Finally I got tired of the banter and said:
Me: For the last time, he is playing with the game now and you can play with on the way home. Do you understand?
Francesco: Yes.
Me: Good, then I don't want to hear another word about it. Got it?
Francesco: Yes, but your difficult.

I'm difficult? OMG, I hope to God he gets one just like him! :-)

Fast forward to the trip to the store after school/work.

Nicolo was telling us he wanted something, in the struggle to understand the word we figured out he was saying he wanted a bus and a car. I said we could look at the store. Francesco adds in the he wants a "Red Race Car with Flames". I again say we can look. They then have a little discussion between the two of them about what they want from the store. Francesco then asks me.
Francesco: Mommy, what do you want?
Me: Peace and quiet.
Francesco: Does that come in a box?
Me: I wish.
Francesco: We can look for it at the store.
Me: Now that I would pay money for!

Now don't think he forgot that we need to look for a box of "peace and quiet."


So for a couple of bucks at Target, you too can get your very own box of "Peace and Quiet". Isn't it lovely?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Siblings

Jen and I went with the theme "siblings" this week. I like the theme because I really wanted to concentrate on getting a nice shot of the boys together, but as always (and I mean always) things never happen as I plan.

To start off the kink in the plan my battery died, not like need recharging but like you need a new one died. I shouldn't complain, I've had the same battery since I first got the camera. So I had to whip out my point-n-shoot. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a point-n-shoot, but if you love your camera and all the things it can do you know what I mean.
Then to help matters the one day it wasn't raining and the sun was out the boys were a) not cooperative and b) not getting along. I cropped their heads out of this picture so you can just guess the expressions on their faces. Let just say this was not a nice exchange of the toy. I thought about leaving their faces in but I wanted to keep you wondering.


Now Jen's is so sweet, if my kids were that close to each other one would be yelling that the other is touching them and visa verso. Then I wonder...did she pay them to sit nicely with each other? No matter what it's a sweet shot and I like the angle and perspective.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Change: Sunset

The fading light is so intense that I can not help but to stop and capture it in all it's glory.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Shot Monday

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.
~Marc Brown

in the leaves

boys leaves


Friday, November 5, 2010

A little disclaimer

The other day I posted a photo of Nicolo:

I only wrote one sentence:
You answered so many questions...and created so many more!

I didn't think much of it because that was the thought that went through my head as I looked at the picture.

Then Joanna commented:"Intriguing post. Beautiful boy! :)"

When I read her comment I went back to the post and read the sentence and thought, "that is a bit intriguing, what excellently did I mean by that?"

I thought I might explain.
"You answered so many questions..."

1. What would it be like to have another child?
2. What would it be like to have another BOY!?
3. Would those two boys be very similar or COMPLETE opposites of each other?
4. What would it be like to see myself in another human-beings face?
5. Can you really love another child just as much as the first?
6. Will I every be able to get two kids and a husband out the door and be on time for work?
7. What did my dad looked like as a little boy?
8. Do some kids really eat dirt?
9. What is it like to have a child that is content to play solo and spend time by themselves.

"and created so many more."
1. Why do some kids just refuse to use utensils?
2. Why is it that dirt seems to find you?
3. Do I want to do this all again?
4. Do I need to do this all again?
5. Will you be as interesting as a boy as you are a toddler?
6. Will I survive those years?
7. Why did God think I could handle two energetic boys?
8. Will you and Francesco be friends and can I do anything to make sure that you are?
9. Will I able to instill in you what my parents did in me?
10. Will your love of dirt take you to places like MIT?

No matter the question or the answer, one thing is very would not be the same without you. I will always remember the day I realized you were on the way and never forget the day you joined us forever.

You...are my baby.

Friday Light - The Morning

With the impending approach of standard time coming and the shorter days of winter I have been compelled to take photographs of the morning light. I know that I will miss it so I am hoping my pictures will hold me till the spring.
Right now if I leave for work on time and get the boys to school without incident the sun is just barely making it's appearance. If I am running a little late, even 5-10 minutes the sun starts to rise and really draws me in. I will even go out of my way to a spot that I may have been to and thought, "wonder how this looks in the morning sun?". I mean if you are already late what's a couple of minutes more.
I know that with the time change there is going to be a little more morning light, but believe me that is short lived here (about3 weeks). There comes a time when we are leaving for the day and coming home in the dark (which seems to last forever to me).

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Morning

Jen and I again pulled it together last minute. We both couldn't remember if we had pick a theme and if we did we couldn't remember what it was. We were both relieve to find out we were on the same page, be it the wrong one, but on the same.
We decided to pick the theme "Morning". I found this park near where I work that has these ornamental grasses and thought they might look neat in the morning sun. Yesterday I decided to stop and take a picture. I know that come this weekend I won't see the sunrise for a while. When the clock turn back it will still be dark when I get to work in the morning so I've be compelled to capture the light before it is gone.
I like how Jen's photo tells the story. Who wouldn't like a nice cup of fresh coffee while enjoying the sunrise? I also like how the colors in the coffee cup are similar to the colors in the sunrise photo.
It's a good thing I stop yesterday, today we are having downpours.

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