Friday, September 28, 2007


I am just really glad it is Friday. I don't have much to post but I wanted to reach out.

My head cold turned into a nasty sinus infection but I am on a pregnancy safe antibiotic. Its not very strong so it has taken over a week for me to get improvement but I am almost 100 percent. Yeah! No more nausea either (knock on wood).

The house is coming along. They were suppose to be done today, but we knew that would never happen. The drywall is there but not up yet, its progress.

G is so ready to get into the new place. The novelty of living with his parents has now wore off for him as well. The best part is we are both on the same page now. I have my ally back!

Bubbie is no longer a baby. He gets taller by the minute and is changing so fast. He realized he can walk backwards and can amuses himself for a while just practicing. He can sort of say "All done" when he is finished eating and grabs the side of his tray to let us know. He is developing a very unique personality. His daycare teacher tells me he is a Ham at school and loves to put on a show. He loves to fill the sink with toys, she says there is always something in the sink when she goes to wash her hands and she knows it from him.

It feels like yesterday I brought a baby and now he a little boy. I no longer have a baby I have a little boy.

I love having a little boy, can I stop him there?

Looking forward to a nice weekend! Hope everyone has the same. TGIF!

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