Saturday, January 26, 2013

Come Monday

Eight weeks seems like a long time but it's not (unless you are 32 weeks pregnant and can't sleep).  Come this Monday I go back to work and I have mixed emotions.  Part of me is excited to get back to the project that I was working on and to my co-workers who have been so supportive.  A big part of me is going to miss the one-on-one time with Carmela.  Who wouldn't miss this cutie?

crg4 better exposure-1.jpg

When it comes to getting everyone out the door in the morning I am not fretting too much about that process.  I am pretty sure the morning routine will be fine, we have that fined tuned for the boys.  During the past couple of weeks I  have been getting myself and the baby ready for the day and taking the boys to school.  My fear is the "end of the day routine", even before the baby I dreaded end of the day.  What to make for dinner that doesn't take too long and is still nutritious (I am not anal about the nutritious part but try to not make it a complete week of less than perfect nutrition), getting through the homework fight(which is my least favorite task), fighting about piano practice, fighting about showers and then the stalling that occurs at bed time. Even now with me home,  the end of the day is chaos.

Carmela is doing great, she got here first set of immunizations so she is ready for daycare.  She will fortunately get one more week at home with her Nanna before she heads off into the real world. My biggest fear about daycare is the germs, baby's always get sick once they start daycare.  Hopefully with her immunizations and with me still breastfeeding she will not fare to badly.  She is growing beautifully.  At 2 months she is 11 lbs, 3 oz and 22 inches.  She is right around the 50 percentile for head, height and weight.  It's odd to me that she is middle of the road since the boys were always at the high end of the 90 percentiles for everything.


We are  still breastfeeding with formula supplement but we have moved to soy formula in the past week.  I am still restricted from dairy and miss cheese terribly :-( That's okay though, she is totally worth it.  She still gets up every two to three hours at night so the breastfeeding morning and night has been helpful (since I don't have to make a bottle at 2 am).  I have some concerns about pumping at work since I've never done it and I am not sure when I will have the time or where I will do it (it not a pretty sight I tell you).  I am going to give it a try and see how it goes.

Monday will be here before I know it and I think I am ready.

Come Monday it'll be alright!

 crg smile-1.jpg

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pleasant Surprise

I occasionally allow the boys to take pictures with my camera as long as I am supervising.  Lately though in the midst of all the chaos that comes with a newborn the level of supervision has declined.  So when I went to pull off some pictures from my memory card I found multiple shots done Francesco that I was completely unaware that he had taken. It was obvious that their father was around but probably not paying that much attention (LOL).  It's fun to see things through his eyes and how he set up things to be photographed.  Let's say it was a pleasant surprise.


This is my favorite shot out of all of them, I love how Nicolo is trying not to be in the shot.