Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In the toilet

Bubbie was innocently playing with G's name tag from work the other day. He has the kind that is on one of those retractable cords. Bubbie loves to pull it out and let it go. I really didn't think much of it.

So there he was merrily running around playing with daddy's name tag, and being quite no less. Then I realized it was just a little to quite. I look out from the kitchen, no Bub's. I notice the bathroom door open.

That the other new skill he has acquired. My in-laws have those lever handles on the door, he figured them out in no time.

I digress.

I realize that he is in the bathroom and make a beeline for him. Just as I turn into the bathroom he lets go of daddy's name time right into the toilet. As I reach in to retrieve it, I realize that not only is it daddy's name tag but daddy's thumb drive from work.

Now I panic.

Good thing G was home. I told him right away. He was not at all upset. He did have 4G of info on the drive, but he didn't break a sweat. He was able to retrieve all the data and dry it out.

When we move into the new house I am seriously going to invest in all kinds locks (toilet, door, cabinet, drawers etc!).


  1. Little rascal...I'm glad G was okay with it and nothing was truly lost. Except maybe your sanity, but I don't know about you, but mine's always slipping anyway.

  2. It is amazing how forgiving we can be for our kids :D

  3. Oy!! I am so scared that something like that will happen. We kind of started potty training Evan so he now has more access to the toilet and sometimes Harry comes in with him. I just know something is going to get flushed that should not be.

  4. Speaking of new locks, my almost 3 yo just now can reach and unlock the front door. Big fun! "Hello, is the locksmith there...quick!"

  5. Who knew thumb drives can be dried out and salvaged? Good to know!

    So glad G was okay with it. I would have panicked too.

  6. That could have been very bad! Finn tried to flush a plastic moraca the other day. Oh, the joys of the toilet!