Saturday, May 31, 2008

What would I do?

Yesterday I saw my neighbors two girls jumping around in a rain puddle after the storm. They were in their bathing suits and rain boots. They were having a ball. Their mother was right there supervising the whole time just sitting there and watching them have fun.

My first thought was, "I can't believe she is letting them jump around in that muddy rain puddle". My second thought was, "Would I let Francesco do such a thing? No way!" My third thought was, "Why not?"

I could not answer the "why not" right that second. I then realized I probably said no because I wasn't in the mood. I had a million things to do and I didn't have the time to watch him (I couldn't believe I didn't have the time to watch him have fun, how pathetic is that?)

That bring me to today. We went to visit my parents that live an hour away, so we left early this morning. That meant that no laundry got done, dishes were not cleaned or put away, toys were strewed all over the house and the carpet hadn't seen a vacuum in 3 days.

We were getting closed to home when I said to my husband that there were a million things that need to get done and we needed a game plan. Who was going to do what and with who (one kid per parent!). I thought if we had a game plan all of the above would get done and the kids would get feed, bathed and put to bed in a reasonable amount of time.

Well my game plan went right out the window as we got out of the car. The neighbors were practically waiting in the driveway as we pulled up. The oldest announced that they were having a little pool party and that Francesco was invited.

My first thought was I don't have time for this, but my response was "lets get you in you swim trunks". So as we are standing in the yard the little girls from next store tells me they just decided to have a party today. They even strung up streamers and decorations, made signs for the door and blew up the kiddie pool. All of this for no reason what so ever, just to have a party.

When I asked who was coming to this party she tells me just them and Francesco. Then their Dad comes out and hands me and my husband Mango Mojitos (now I am really liking this party). So we sit outside sipping Mojitos, watching the kid splash around in the kiddie pool full of freezing water from the hose for the next two hours.

Now, not one stitch of laundry got done, the dishes never saw water and the toys are still everywhere. I did however get the time to watch my 22 month old have the time of his life.

When I go bed tonight all that stuff still awaits me tomorrow but my mood has definitely been lifted, I like the Mommy that I was tonight (I am not so pathetic). I hope that I can continue to realize it is OK to leave the mess and let the kids be kids. They only get to do it once!

Beautiful Eyes

I know I am completely bias but I think my boys have beautiful eyes.

Francesco had the biggest brown eyes since the day he was born.

Nicolò's eyes are still evolving, dark blue maybe hazel.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Top Ten

OK, here are the top ten reason why, I wish, I haven't been posting:

10. I've been sitting by the pool sipping fruity drinks.

9. I've been spending my days reading novels.

8. I've been shopping for shoes and clothes for myself.

7. I've been getting daily manicures/pedicures.

6. I've been going out to dinner every night.

5. I've been watching so much TV my head is spinning.

4. I've been taking long relaxing trips to the shore.

3. I've been going to the gym daily and developing Buns of Steel!

2. I've been scrap booking all of Francesco and Nicolò's baby pictures.

1. I've been sleeping for 10 straight uninterrupted hours a night.

And here are the top ten reason why I really haven't been posting.

10. 2 kids and a husband make more laundry then I ever imagined.

9. Nicolò can't decide if he wants to eat every 2 hours or 3 hours, it changes randomly.

8. Francesco thinks that when the baby isn't in my lap he should be there and sometimes it is both.

7. I've been sorting all of Francesco's old clothes for Nicolò, I hoping that they will fit him during the right season.

6. I seem to have an endless supply of dirty bottles to clean, my nails are a mess to prove it.

5. I truly haven't sleep more that 3 hours straight at a time, it is exhausting.

4. For some reason every time I pick up a room in the house when I turn around it needs to be done again.

3. I have to take an exam in Sept. to maintain a professional license and I am trying to study for that.

2. Now that is it warm and daylight longer we are spending most evenings outside.

And the number one reason why I haven't been blogging.......

1. Mia Due Bambini!

They sure are cute though!

I have been reading others blogs every chance I get, unfortunately my reader is up to 482. I think I liked the reader when it use to only say 100+, it didn't seem so daunting.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is what Daddy serves for breakfast when Mommy doesn't get up in time.
Just in on the fun over at Wordless Wednesday
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Monday, May 5, 2008

What's Worse?

What is worse than you being sick?

Your children being sick.

What worse than your children being sick?

A sick husband!

When your kids are sick you give them TLC, Motrin, Fluids and their Binky. They settle down, cuddle up, watch some TV, and get some rest.

When your husband sick you try all the above, without results. Your husband won't take the medicine or won't take it as directed (and expects you to be a pharmacist and know how to dose all medications in the cabinet). He will take his temperature every 15 Min's, just so you are aware he still has a fever. He will drink coffee all day instead of the water you told him to drink. He will fall asleep in the recliner and snore after you told him 20 times to go to bed.

He will watch you struggle to tend to your 21 month old with the 3 week old in your arms. It won't even occur to him that you could use a hand (just because he sick doesn't mean the kids don't need tending to). He won't even realize that you did all the infant feeding the past two night to let him get rest and that you a extremely sleep deprived.

To top it all off I also have his mother calling me to see how he is. I have to reassure her I can take care of him as long as he listens to me (which he doesn't). She then wants to know if I need her to come home (she is out of town), as if I am not capable of tending to a sick husband. Then again maybe she should come home and I can send his sorry a** over to her house to recover. He would love that.

All I have to say is I hope the baby, Hercules, doesn't get what he has (he already has a mystery rash), I hope Bubbie doesn't go down that road either (he already had a bout of something) and I sure a hell better not get it. If I do I am going really lay it on him thick!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Be Still My Heart

Here is a picture of my boys together. Bubbie is really warming up to Hercules. I do hope it continue as they grow older. I wanted to cry from shear joy while taking the picture. He was so sweet to the baby. Be still my heart.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Big Boy Haircut

We finally got Bubbie's haircut, for real. Up until now we just trimmed it enough so he could see. It had gotten so long and unruly that I had to do something.

I am very fortunate that my MIL is a hairdresser and with the help of a portable DVD player the haircut went very uneventful. He didn't even mind the smock this time.

When she was finished I couldn't believe how much hair she cut off and how much older Bubbie looked. All his curls were gone, I was about to cry (I definitely teared up a bit).

In the end he looked fabulous and combing his hair this morning was a cinch! He will be so much more comfortable in the summer with it short.

I may let it grow back this fall though, I miss twirling his curls when he sits on my lap.

Here is a pic: