Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Milk does the body good??

So I was a little over zealous with the wean from formula to milk. I felt that at 11 months and 1 week I could start the wean without issue.


Bubbie had all kinds of issues in the beginning, I swore he was lactose intolerant (runs in the family on his fathers side). The Doctor tells me that babies usually develop intolerance as they age.

Bubbie was on so many formulas until I made the executive decision to put him on a milk based lactose free formula.

Ahhh, heaven.

So at 9 months I slowing switched him to a stage 2 formula that was milked based and not considered lactose free.

No problem.

Here I go with the next phase, formula to milk. Slowly creeping it up till it was half/half. Still seem to be find.

Last weekend I ran out of formula and went straight to full milk. He lapped it up like a kitten, loved it. Hurray!


He liked its taste but his belly had other plans. All of the sudden he has had horrible yellow/white diarrhea 6 x a day.


No that's not an official diagnosis but as I have gone back to the stage 2 formula thing are starting to improve. His bowel are still very loose but starting to resemble a normal color.

Has anyone else had this issue? I am going to ask the Doctor if I should try Lactose free milk or if I just have to stick with the formula.



  1. Hey there.

    First of all, thanks for stopping by my site. =]

    I also have a Bubby - he is 6 years old and has always had problems with milk. I weaned him to a bottle at 11 months and struggled to find a formula that worked. Later, we discovered that he tolerates soy so-so but does best on almond and rice milk.

    He still gets a sick stomach on milk. He can eat some cheese now (small amounts).

    We've adjusted over time. He's old enough now to tell teachers, etc he can't drink milk but the earlier years were tough.

    Hope his tummy feels better soon. Best wishes!

  2. adding you to my blogroll...

  3. I just put Finn on stage 2. He's had the runs a bit too. Maybe Bubs just needs a little more time to adjust. Or maybe he's just trying to poop all over your MIL!

  4. Oh no! I hope he's feeling better!