Sunday, July 1, 2007

Got it!

I recently posted "I think I can." I had just been called for an interview for a new job. Since that time I interview three times and just got offered a new position.

Yippee, hurray!

I am really excited about the job. Its a great opportunity and a resume builder. Not to mention a nice pay raise.

It really floored some of my co-worker that I was leaving. I never let anyone know I was even pursuing new avenues. Change is good, and I really need it.

So in 2 weeks I start my new position. My one apprehension is that I have to go out of town for training. It will be the first time in Bubbie's life that we will be apart for more than a few hours. The longest I have left him is 9-10 hours at daycare.

He will probably do fine. I on the other hand will drive my sister nuts calling to see how he is. Do you think she will mine if I phone at 3 am to see if he is breathing?