Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frightful Fever

First let me say that Bubbie is now well and just fine, he did give me the scare of my life a week and a half ago.

He had a left ear infections (always the left) and had finished his antibiotics 2 days prior to waking on Sunday with a high fever. I thought he had a virus, one of his classmates had recently had Roseola. I gave him Tylenol and monitored him.

He was just not himself for most of the day. We continued to monitor the fever and give Tylenol but it never came back to normal. In the mid-afternoon his temp was 102 so I gave him Motrin (thought he wasn't responding to the Tylenol so I would try the next choice).

10 minutes after the Motrin he had a febrile seizure. Last 3 mins and he was post-ictal for about 15 minutes after the seizure stopped. We of course rushed to the ER while the seizure was happening and it ended in the car. Even though it was 3 minutes it felt like a life time.

As soon as we got to the ER they stripped him down, gave him Tylenol suppository, a cool sponge bath and fluids. He was back to himself in no time.

It was the scariest thing I have ever had to deal with. I tear up thinking about it now.

I have learned quite a bit since that time:
1. My husband had a febrile seizure as a toddler, so that makes Bubbie genetically predisposed to having them.
2. They don't not predispose him to epilepsy, and they are not harmful to his brain.
3. Most kids grow out of them by the age of 5 and he has a 50% chance of having another before that time.
4. If he has another I don't need to rush him to the ER unless the seizure last greater than 10 minutes, let the seizure finish and treat the fever (don't try to stop the seizure) and of course call the doctor.
5. There really is no way to predict if he will have another.
6. A tepid bath really does bring a fever down

In the end he was found to have another left ear infection and now they feel that if he has one more ear infection he will need to see an ENT for tubes.

He is now "afebrile" (without fever) and you would never know that he went through that. Kids are so resilient, I on the other hand have still not bounced back from it. I am getting there though.

On a happy note: 20 weeks pregnant with my little peanut, started to fell him/her move and kick (love it) and on Monday have the 20 anatomy scan ultrasound. If the baby will let us we are going to find out the gender.

I will keep you all posted.
Thanks for letting me get all that out.


  1. My little Bubby had several ER trips: stitches, colitis. It was awful.

    I still cringe when I think about it.

    So glad he is ok, and I'm pulling for no more seizures.

  2. Oh my that would have been totally scary, I am so glad everything worked out.

    Yay for feeling the baby.

  3. I had febrile seizures as a kid - until I was 12! I keep waiting for one of my babies to go through it but none yet. Scary shit! You did great!