Sunday, December 30, 2007


I like to think that I am a crafty person. In the past year and a half I have not had any time to pursue many of my crafts. I really enjoy scrap booking, crocheting and sewing. I am not an expert at any, just a novice that enjoys it.

I am blogging about this because I finally did a crafty project. I am so proud of myself. Mind you I worked on it mostly late at night or really (I mean really) early in the morning. None the less I completed it and I have plans to do more.

Here it is: my first Taggie Blanket!

I made it for a friend who just had a baby boy. I made all the tags from remnant fabric and the blanket is fuzzy fleece with white fuzzy fleece on the other side. It is really soft and cuddly.

Bubbie loves the fabric so I am going to make him a larger version of this one for his bed/crib.

I can't wait to give to my friend and her baby. She talked about the taggie blankets and all I could think of was how they couldn't be to difficult to make.

The best part about making things is giving them away to people who will enjoy them.


  1. Ooo that is so cute!!! Ethan LOVES tags!!

  2. That looks great. I like to dabble with sewing but haven't really done it since Anna. Seeing your project makes me want to do something lol.