Thursday, February 28, 2008

He Speaks

I thought it would never happen but I am positive now he can talk.

For the longest time I would hear kids his age say “Hi”, “Bye”, “shoe”, “more”, “ank ew” (Thank You). All Bubbie would say is “Abba, dabba, dinky, dabba, cachew, cachew.” He would babble on and on and narrate books. I could tell he was counting when he would point and say “Da, Da, Do, Di”. As much as I tried I could not get him to say a real word.

I brought this up to the doctor at both his 15 and 18 month well visits. They say as long as he understands and is babbling to give him time. Most boys go through a language explosion 18-20 months.

So I wait and I talk and I sing. Still, no real words were coming out. I worried because by this age my nephew was naming everything that crossed his path and even knew the names of all his family members. I am not even sure if Bubbie is saying Mama for me or just part of his babble repertoire.

So, 4 days ago we were reading his Rocket Counting Book. At he end of the book is a countdown from ten and when you turn the page it say “Blast Off!’ with a picture of a Rocket taking off. We get to the end of the book, do the countdown and when he turn the page he blurts out “Tast Toff”.

I almost fell over. I said “Blast Off” and he repeated “Tast Toff”. I wanted to cry.

Since then we have noticed other distinct word (articulation not on target but they are definite words for specific things). He has also pick up a few words in Italian.

So we now have:
“Tast Toff” = Blast Off
“Erkle”= Circle
“Asheto” = Bacetto (kiss in Italian)
“Daa”= qua (here in Italian)

And of course we have the ever popular: “no,no,no,no!” = NO

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Dentist

Bubbie had his first dentist appointment today. When I called to make the appointment I told them I was being referred for possible tartar on his bottom four teeth.

The dentist office told me they would make him a cleaning appointment for the same day so that if he needed it they would be ready.

I said, "Your going to clean his teeth???" in total disbelief.

Now this is a kid that I have a hard time changing his diaper (and I am fast), how are they going to get him to sit to have his teeth cleaned.

So I asked.

I was informed that if he could not sit in the chair alone that he would have to sit in my lap and I would hold him while they cleaned his teeth. Unbeknownst to them I am 8.5 months pregnant and no longer have a lap.

I accept the appointment and then call G.

I tell him about the cleaning and inform him he will be the one holding him down for the ordeal. I think he was a little worried about it, he seemed really nervous on our way there. I asked what was wrong, he said "we can't hold him down for a diaper, how am I going to hold him to get his teeth cleaned?"

Well, let me just say, Paediatric dentist and hygienist are a special breed of people that are really good at what they do.

First off the waiting room at the office was awesome and so kid friendly, I could have waited and hour with Bubbie in that waiting room. Of course they are also fast so we waited say 10 mins max.

The dentist was so nice and great with Bubbie, he even sat on his lap. Momma's boy went to another person, G and I looked at each other in disbelief.

When they went to clean his teeth they put his head on their lap and the rest of his body on G's lap with his legs around his waist and G held his arms. He protested but it wasn't as bad as we thought. He did not once try to bite the hygienist and after a bit started to settle down. They actually used all the same instruments that they use on adults, those sharp metal ones. She even polished his teeth and gave him a fluoride treatment.

In the end he did awesome and he had his pearly whites back. We got some great advise on brushing and flossing and go back in 6 months for a check up.

After his night time bottle last night we got out his new toothbrush, which he picked out and we assumed the position. We got a good brushing in with out to much fuss.

Hopefully that will continue and we will prevent any issues.

How knew you had to do so much, I always thought you only had to feed and change them *wink*!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Friday Bubbie had his surgery to have the tubes placed in his ears. The whole day went really well. I was completely surprised how fast it was.

First I thought he was going to be a real bear with nothing to eat or drink since 8:00 pm the night before and not having the procedure until 8:00 am. He amazingly did not have that big of an issue with the whole thing. He was to busy running up and down the vast hallways at the hospital.

Once we went back to the pre-op area they gave him a little medication in his nose. It took about a min to kick in and then he was loopy. He was trying to talk (he really only babbles) and was slurring his babble. He didn't even put up a fight when I undressed him and the nurses took him back.

We were then instructed to go to the waiting room around the corner. We had just made it there and sat down when his doctor emerged from the OR. He was finished. 7 minutes, that was all it took. I was amazed. The doctor did say that when he put the tube in the left ear (which has always been the problem ear) he had some drainage. He said that was probable the next ear infection brewing. Hopefully we have dodged that bullet.

Within the next 5-10 mins they called us back to recovery and he was awake but groggy. He was babbling up a storm, it was really kind of cute. I only wish I knew what he was saying.

We were home within the hour and he ate a good breakfast and by 10:30 in the morning you would never of know he had anything done. Amazing.

We had to but drops in his ears over the weekend, otherwise it was fairly uneventful. No more drainage from the ears or evidence that he was uncomfortable.

On the bottle front: 7 days with no early morning bottle, he is still getting up around 1:00 - 2:00 am but the time it takes to get him back down is decreasing. We are really sticking to our guns and not giving in. I think he is starting to get the message. Thanks for all the great vibes and words of encouragement! It feels great to know that other are empathizing with you.