Friday, September 28, 2007


I am just really glad it is Friday. I don't have much to post but I wanted to reach out.

My head cold turned into a nasty sinus infection but I am on a pregnancy safe antibiotic. Its not very strong so it has taken over a week for me to get improvement but I am almost 100 percent. Yeah! No more nausea either (knock on wood).

The house is coming along. They were suppose to be done today, but we knew that would never happen. The drywall is there but not up yet, its progress.

G is so ready to get into the new place. The novelty of living with his parents has now wore off for him as well. The best part is we are both on the same page now. I have my ally back!

Bubbie is no longer a baby. He gets taller by the minute and is changing so fast. He realized he can walk backwards and can amuses himself for a while just practicing. He can sort of say "All done" when he is finished eating and grabs the side of his tray to let us know. He is developing a very unique personality. His daycare teacher tells me he is a Ham at school and loves to put on a show. He loves to fill the sink with toys, she says there is always something in the sink when she goes to wash her hands and she knows it from him.

It feels like yesterday I brought a baby and now he a little boy. I no longer have a baby I have a little boy.

I love having a little boy, can I stop him there?

Looking forward to a nice weekend! Hope everyone has the same. TGIF!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bubbie V.S. G

My dear husband G and my dear son Bubbie have decided to have a battle of wills.

G: "He needs to learn to go to sleep on his own. He knows if he cries enough you (and he say it like its a dirty word) will pick him up."
Me: "Fine than I just won't get involved."

So while I was away G basically "Ferberized" Bubbie very successfully. Now he goes to bed, fusses once or twice and then he is down.

G - 1 Bubbie - 0 :^)

G: He needs to learn that he can't get into bed with us at 4:00 am, he must stay in his crib.
Me: But I am so tired, I can't take the noise.
G: You can't pick him up, you have to let him cry learn.

It has been 5 days were G has successfully gotten Bubbie to stay in his crib all night.

So this morning at 4:00 am Bubbie started again. I went to the couch. G held strong for about an hour. After an hour G comes out in the living room holding a wide awake, sobbing 14 month old. Now we all have been awake since 4:00.

G- 1 Bubbie- 1 :^o

The worst part is that this is not my battle and I have to listen to it. I admit I would have totally caved after 5 minutes. I am tired and at 4:00 am. I still have 1 1/2 hours I can sleep, I 'll take it.

It will all be alright.

I am going away again and they can battle it out. When I get back there better be victor one way or the other.

Cause as the saying goes "when momma ain't happy, nobodies happy."
(And when momma pregnant she is TIRED!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It official!

It official and the cat's out of the bag. We are going to have another baby!

I am beyond happy, as well as beyond nauseous. I am a little upset that I am so nauseous 24/7 and at the same time it is reassuring. When I was pregnant with Bubbie I only had waves of nausea at random times of the day that lasted only a few minutes. This time I just feel bad all day. Now to top it off I have a raging head-cold *sniff-snuff*

I am excited to be a mother again and scared at the same time to have two in diapers. My SIL thinks its better to just get it all over and done with in a few years. She says that there is 4 years of her life that were just a blur.

I have already developed pregnancy brain. It sets in pretty early with me. I put milk in the pantry and the cereal box in the fridge. I can't remember to wear my name tag for work, I drive past the street I turn on to go home. The list is endless.

I don't know how Bubbie will take it. I tried to tell him he was going to be a big brother and all he does is shake his head NO!

I went to the doctors today and all is well so far. They took a gallon of my blood and I just love peeing in the cup (fun, fun!). I will schedule for a 12 week ultrasound (secondary to my "advanced maternal age" - make me sound old huh?).

I can't wait to hear the heart beat! Tomorrow my embryo will officially be a fetus, woohoo!

So we have a lot going on and it should be an interesting 10 month journey.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Home

It has taken a while and it been a long time coming but we found a house!

We actually decided to go with new construction. We had such a rough time finding a older home that did not require a ton of work. To top it off the prices were outrageous. It was not like these houses were updated and they were asking top dollar.

I don't care what anyone says about it being a buyers market. Things are definitely in your favor if you don't mind buying crap or doing a lot of work. Otherwise unless you are making a mint you can't afford anything decent.

So we went with a smaller home but it is brand new. I even got to pick the kitchen cabinets and counters, the rugs and the hardwoods. It was like being a kid in a candy shop.

Now it just has to get finished and we will officially be home!

I am counting the days!