Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Daycare

We in the third week or Bubbie's new day care and so far things are great. It's not just the convenience of him being at my work but the people that care for him.

There are about 4 children in total in his room and they are not all always there. The 2 women in the room where he is really like to take care of the children. I don't know how to explain it but you can tell they really enjoy it.

Bubbie has no problem with me leaving in the morning, he has new friends and great caregivers to hang out with. They even do small craft project and go on "buggy" rides (they have a cart with 4 seat that has harness', and they take the children on walks around the facility). He loves the rides.

He made G a Father's Day card, which was really cute. He takes a book from home each day for story time (right now his favorite is "We're going on a Bear Hunt").

They daycare also has an open door policy (I can just come on down when ever I want, I love that). I do try to show up at random times just to see how he is. He is always happy and playing.

The 2 women in his room spend more time on the floor with the kids then anywhere else. They are not just sitting there watching the kids, they are actually playing and interacting.

So far I am really glad I put him back into daycare. It has been an overall good experience.

Let's hope this continues.

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