Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bubbie V.S. G

My dear husband G and my dear son Bubbie have decided to have a battle of wills.

G: "He needs to learn to go to sleep on his own. He knows if he cries enough you (and he say it like its a dirty word) will pick him up."
Me: "Fine than I just won't get involved."

So while I was away G basically "Ferberized" Bubbie very successfully. Now he goes to bed, fusses once or twice and then he is down.

G - 1 Bubbie - 0 :^)

G: He needs to learn that he can't get into bed with us at 4:00 am, he must stay in his crib.
Me: But I am so tired, I can't take the noise.
G: You can't pick him up, you have to let him cry learn.

It has been 5 days were G has successfully gotten Bubbie to stay in his crib all night.

So this morning at 4:00 am Bubbie started again. I went to the couch. G held strong for about an hour. After an hour G comes out in the living room holding a wide awake, sobbing 14 month old. Now we all have been awake since 4:00.

G- 1 Bubbie- 1 :^o

The worst part is that this is not my battle and I have to listen to it. I admit I would have totally caved after 5 minutes. I am tired and at 4:00 am. I still have 1 1/2 hours I can sleep, I 'll take it.

It will all be alright.

I am going away again and they can battle it out. When I get back there better be victor one way or the other.

Cause as the saying goes "when momma ain't happy, nobodies happy."
(And when momma pregnant she is TIRED!)


  1. oh man !! dealing with that while prego - yikes - mama needs sleep. maybe you should sleep somewhere where you can't hear the crying ??

  2. A few babies ago, my pediatrician gave us some awesome advice that has really helped us since. If there won't be a boob feeding, only Daddy goes in (in the middle of the night.) Letting G take on this battle is perfect. We're doing the same thing now with the 5 am wakeup. It's killing me, but after four early mornings of listening to Finn scream for close to an hour, he slept until 7 this morning. So civilized!