Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Paying attention to the details are important to me. Even before I had Bubbie I like to know all the details about an upcoming event. I like to plan accordingly and be on time and in the right place. Since having a baby that has become even more important or I would never get anything done or make it anywhere.

My husband on the other hand feels that details are for the birds. You should go through life just winging it. I guess it true what they say about opposites attracting.

We were invited to a wedding in which G was the best man. He also was staying with said couple while working at his previous job. He was with them for the past 5 months, he started a new job the week before they married. That being said you would think he would know some of the "details" about the wedding.

I'm not asking for much, just when, where and what time.

Now I know what your thinking....what about the invitation? They sent it to him at their address since he was staying there. Please do not ask, I still don't get it. Non the less I would even talk with him on the phone while he was in the same house with them and still not get a straight answer.

He even rode a train to work everyday with the groom and still I couldn't get him to give me the exact places and times. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating.

So when the big day came I ended up being 2 hours late for the reception because I told my MIL it would be OK for her not to cancel her 3:30 appointment. I was under the impression that the reception did not start till after 4 anyway (Got that from G, "after 4" was what I was told). Not much detail going on.

Here's the real details: Wedding 1:00 pm, Reception 3:00 pm

So I show up to the reception and upset. To top it all off, my husband was sitting with the bride and groom at a small table. I was seated at a table full of people I didn't know. There was another table of people I did know on the other side of the room, but I was not placed there. My husband knew I was going to be late and when I got there had no idea where I was to sit. He didn't even make and attempt before I got there to find my seat for me.

Let just say, I had a huge minor fit.

A lot of this could have been avoided if I was provide with the most minor of details.

And as always G still doesn't see what the big deal was. ARGHHHHHHHH!

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  1. yikes, my hubby is the same but nothing that bad has occured, i pester him to death and have slowly let him see how it is important to know the dets. did you LIKE the bride and groom ? they could have helped out as well ???