Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was just over at You Can't Reason With Crazy and was able to totally relate to her latest post, apeshit…I’m going apeshit.

I just sat down for the day and I am a little piffed about the whole thing. I am most pissed piffed that my husband is out of town 5 days of the week for the past 3 month, 13 days ( not that I am counting). I on the other hand am living with my parents (yes I am nuts) and commuting an hour to work (wait for it , wait for it)....with the baby.

Tonight he was just not having any part of "bedtime". So here it is (10:46 pm) and he has been asleep for only one hour. (Arghhhhhh).

I don't usually rant, but I really need to. This was my day:

4:00 am - Bubbie's wake up...make him a bottle in 1.2 minutes (any more than that and it all out anarchy)
4:01.2- 4:07 - Feed Bubbie the bottle (he won't hold the early morning bottle)
4:07 - 4:30 - Rock him back to sleep and pray he goes (fingers crossed the whole time) To be honest it's the one time he will just lay quietly in my lap so I secretly enjoy it.
4:30-5:30 - Make coffee (a must) and ready self and all baby gear for work.
5:30 -5:45- Wrestling match wit ha 10 1/2 month old to change a diaper and dress for the day, load him and paraphernalia in car.
5:45-6:45- Commute................Thank God for car DVD players.
6:45-7:00 - Feed baby in office and try to keep the cereal bar and yogurt of the rug ( I don't know if they ever vacuum)
7:00 - 7:03 - Walk to daycare.
7:03-7:15- Get Bubbies settled at school (sneak out while playing so he doesn't melt down)
7:15-7:18- Walk back to clinic.
7:18-7:30- Log on to commuter to start clinic.
7:30- 12:00/12:30 - Morning Clinic
12:30 -12:33- Walk back to daycare
12:33- 12:50- Feed Bubbie lunch.
12:50-12:53- Walk/Run to Cafe to grab sandwich
12:53-1:00- Get lunch and walk back to clinic
1:00- 4:30/5:00 -Afternoon Clinic (Eat sandwich between patients)
5:00- 5:03 -Walk to daycare
5:03-5:08- Gather up Bubbie and all his stuff
5:08-5:11 - Walk back to office
5:11-5:15- Make sure I didn't forget to finish something
5:15-6:15 - Commute (did I mention the DVD player)
6:15- 6:45 - Fight with Feed Bubbie dinner
6:45-7:00- Bath Bubbie
7:00-7:45 -(most nights, not tonight) Play with Bubbie and sneak out of the living room to got to the bathroom while he realizes I am gone and throws a fit.
7:45-8:00 Put Bubbie to bed (tonight he did not go down till 9:28 (yes I was watching the clock)

Then I usually get a chance to wash bottles/prepare food for next day/take a shower/ occasional load of laundry and then maybe check a few blogs or write an entry.

I would love to see my DH schedule next to mine.

Are you tired yet? I sure am. So now it is waaaayyyy past my bedtime.

Pray I have a good night!


  1. Oh boy!! I can sooo relate. I really hope you got some rest last night and that we both get some much needed rest today!!

  2. There must have been something in the air yesterday. Both of my kids did NOT sleep. And my son was a holy terror.

    Today is much better for me, hope it is for you, too!

  3. I was tired after 7am of your day in the life. woah.
    you need to sleep for like....a day.

  4. Yea, but look at him down there. He's so worth it! I hope your nights are going better than mine!

  5. Wow. I got tired just reading about your are Wonder Woman!