Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Breaking the Rules

Background: We are temporarily residing with my parents, in the process of moving. It has been great for the most part. It is difficult to find your way as a new parent when you have two veteran (4 children) always around.

My Dad has a thing about babies on the floor (we use to be in playpens), babies crawling around the house (since there is so much he can get into) and mostly babies crawling on the tile floor. That last one I still don't get.

So for the most part Bubbie is stuck hanging out in his "play yard" (it is basically a modern version of the death traps playpen). He is not so keen on the confinement. He has this new found mobility that he want to uses and explore.

I really do feel for him, but when my parents are around we follow the veterans advise. They are always around, poor Bubbie.

Well, yesterday we got a few hours when both GM and GP were out of the house. Woo Hoo, party time.

I took Bubbie with me in the kitchen (on the tile floor) and let him crawl around, pull out pots and pans and bang them with the wooden spoons. This gave me an opportunity to wash his bottles (by hand, no dishwasher).

Next thing I know he goes for the dogs water bowl. I was hot on him. Then I thought maybe he would enjoy playing with water (it was a hot day). So I took a plastic bowl and FILLED it with water. I am not sure why I filled it but I did.

He loved it. Hew had water every where and he was soaked head to toe. I laughed the whole time and told him PopPop would have a conniption if he saw us.

In the end I cleaned all the water up, gave Bubbie a bath in the sink and put him back in the "play yard" before the rents made it home.

When they got back, my dad asked "Did you mop the kitchen floor?"

"Yes" I said, winking at Bubbie.

"Thanks" said GM

"No Problem" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)


  1. GOOD for you. And as a bonus, you got credit for cleaning!

    Babys + pots and pans on the floor= happy time for all!!!!!!!!

  2. You are a brave brave woman! I am not sure I could live with the parents. Not sure at all!

    Kudos for getting credit for mopping!