Friday, July 27, 2012

20 Weeks and Counting

Wow, 20 weeks went fast.  Now time will slow down for me, it always does.  The boys are also a little impatient and want to know when the baby will get here almost daily.  We had our 20 Ultrasound and because I am AMA (a.k.a. - advanced maternal age) I got a Level II at the same time.  The difference was a radiologist came in and pushed the transducer around and looked at the baby for all of a minute after the Ultrasound tech took all her pictures and measurements for about 45 minutes.
The baby was super uncooperative during the scan, but we were able to find out the gender.  I was convinced before I had gone there that this was a boy and so when the Ultrasound tech started to point out to us the female anatomy I almost fell off the table - literally because I was in such a odd position so she could get a look at the babies spine.  So it's official we are having a girl!
I am still in shock and Michael is in denial.  I even offered to put her in a Nunnery while we were still at the Ultrasound, he said, "No, I just need to invest in a gun." Nicolo was excited to find out he was having a sister and Francesco wasn't surprised.  Francesco said, "What I told you I wanted a sister? See my wish came true."  Now for the hard part, Names!  What a daunting task that is, the boys were easy for me and I even had a boy name I really liked.  Now I just don't know, arghh. 

Stay tuned!