Thursday, July 5, 2007

Launching Torpedo’s

Up until now all of Bubbie's baths have been pretty uneventful. Splashing, playing and drinking soapy water was the extent of them.

Just two days ago my father made a comment about babies and baths. Something about "Launching Torpedo's", it took me a minute or two but I realized he was talking about POOP!

Well, he must of had a talk with Bubbie about this. Yesterday I was giving him a nice long bath, were I was letting him play for a while before I got the soap out. Just as I was reaching for the baby wash this large brown "torpedo" came whizzing by. I wasn't sure what I was looking at. Then I realized there were numerous "torpedo's" just floating around.

I had to get him out, fish out the "torpedo's", clean all the toys and refill the tub. He sat on the floor of the bathroom just giggling away. I scrubbed him really good, I was afraid I might miss a spot were poop could have touched.

Let's just say he was the cleanest he has ever been after all that.

You know for sure your a Mom when you are fishing Poop out of a tub and not in the least grossed out.


  1. One of my younger sisters would poop in the tub all the time and could not understand why I wanted to get out of the tub so quickly.

    Evan and Harry only pooed in the tub once each. It seems to be a bit of a rite of passage for them.

  2. that is pretty funny ! i haven't had that yet, but i have heard many of friends who have