Monday, November 5, 2012

And the countdown begins - Week 35!

 So I've made it to week 35!  I took this picture this morning and Francesco told me I looked like a blueberry.  I think I look like Violet from the Willie Wonka movie after she ate the gum.  Just waiting for the little orange guys to roll me away.

Week 35!!!!!

As of right now I have exactly 33 days till my scheduled C-section.  I am pretty certain that she will not wait that long since that is only 4 days prior to my due date.  I tried that with Nicolo and at 39 weeks exactly I went into labor, same for Francesco (except I did not have a C-section scheduled then).  I know that it take 40 week gestation to have a baby but not my babies, it take 39.  Not to mention that Nicolo was 9lbs at 39 weeks. 

We have been contemplating the height and weight of this little girl; Michael say she'll be 20 inches and 9.5 lbs., I say she will be 21 inches (cause she feels long) and about 8.5 lbs.  We'll see soon enough.  I have not bought anything in the "newborn" size. I did finally get the car seat so we can bring her home and a few baby essentials.  It strange that with number three I don't feel the need to have all the stuff that I had to have for number one.  I have a place for her to sleep, stuff to feed her, change her, clothe her, and get her home safe. Sound like enough for me!