Saturday, July 14, 2007

You would think by now I would know

This is just going to be a short long rant. I have to get it out or it eats me up.

I am spending the weekend at the in-laws, so I still have two days to go. Let me just say I love them to death and they are very good to my family. I just get frustrated when my MIL questions my ability to know what my son needs or wants.

Yesterday, Bubbie did not take an afternoon nap, so by 7:00 pm (normal bed time for him is 7:30-7:45) he was completely undone and wanted no part of his dinner (they always eat that late). I made the executive decision to give him a bottle and put him down for the night. Of course I got the "are you putting him to bed this early?" comment. He was sooooo tired, you would think by now I would know when he is need to go to bed.

This morning when I came out to living room with him (mine you we had been up for a hour already) I put on Toy Story. He loves it and it gives me a chance to make a trip to the powder room without a baby clinging to my leg. I got the "the experts say that any TV at a young age creates a short attention span" comment. Well guess what, if it holds his interest long enough for me to go the bathroom in peace the experts can Kiss My A**.

Then, when I went to feed him at his normal breakfast time, he was giving me a hard time. He was throwing his bagel on the floor, spitting the eggs out, etc. His normal eating routine. It's never a straight up chow down for him. He messes around, eats a little, messes around, so on and so forth. I get "are you sure he is hungry?" comment. I feed this child 4 bottle and 3 solid meals a day, you would think by now I would know when he is hungry.

Thank God we are house hunting today and tomorrow. Pray I find a home of my own soooooooooooon!!

Thanks for listening, I feel much better!

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  1. ugh, god bless ya ! in laws are tough. hang in there and thanks for visiting my site