Monday, June 11, 2007


A one hour commute can get a little monotonous. I usually pass the time listening to talk radio/news. Now that Bubbie make the commute with me things have changed. I have said before Thank God for car DVD player, but I do try to limit the amount of time he is mesmerized by the "boob tube" (to quote my father).

On the commute home today I decided to play a music CD and see if I could get him to sing (babble) along. We have the first season CD from
Jack's Big Music Show, one of Mommy's Bubbie's favorites. So there we were singing along, after the second song I look back and Bubbie is sound a sleep.

I decided I was going to continue to jam along with the CD. So there I was jammin and singing along to the kid music CD (You know you have done it). I wasn't actually belting it out loud, I probably looked like I was to my other fellow commuters, but I was lip syncing (so I wouldn't wake the baby).

I actually sang along listened to the whole CD 1 1/2 times (it is a long commute). It was actually nice to listen to something other than the news for once. The CD is actually really good. My favorite songs are
Grumpy and Under a Shady Tree .

Jam on!


  1. I can often be found in the car sans kids belting out a few Raffi tunes. My personal favorite is Willabee Wallabee Woo.

  2. I avoid that kind of music like the plague. Just today I caved into peer pressure and took my kids to story time at the library. I am going to have to spend some serious time with my iPod to get that music out of my head.

  3. I catch myself listening to Raffi long after Becca falls asleep in the car! hehe!