Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Walking on Sunshine

He's walking, another milestone under his belt!

He has been letting go briefly since the middle of last week. Friday G and my mother were betting on when he would up and step off. G guessed in 2 weeks, Mom guessed in one. I just hoped he did it before he was 12 months.

He showed us all. Father's day (Sunday) evening he up and step off and took 6 steps across the room. I almost fell out. He just looked at me an took off.

The best part was he had that "look what I did" expression. He was awful proud of himself when he made to the couch.

He is not real steady, nor is he running but he is WALKING!

The only down fall to the event was that G was not there. He was actually on his way back to were he is currently working (3 hours away). So G hasn't seen him actually walk yet. I am excited for him to be here this weekend to see him.


  1. awww how wonderful! It was so much fun when Becca started walking!

  2. It's all over now! Two weeks and he'll be running like the wind!