Friday, October 5, 2007

Music to My Ears

Again it is Friday, I haven't had the chance to post all week, but I have great news.

Secondary to my "advance maternal age" I had my first Ultrasound this am as part of a sequential screen. It's nice to have the non-invasive option over the Amniocentesis. I think I would only consider that if there was a problem with this test.

I had to go to the test alone this time cause we have Bubbie and he needed to get to school. So I get there early and I have the first appointment (I always make the first appointment) so I didn't have to wait at all.

As soon as the US tech put the warm gel on my abdomen I started to hold my breath. I think he could tell I was nervous. So as soon as he put the transducer on he turned on the Doppler and I could hear the babies heartbeat.

Of course I started to cry.

It was so awesome to see my little peanut. At 12 weeks she/he really looks like a baby, not just a blob. I could even see the baby move and put it's hand in it's mouth. The heart was beating strongly at 160. Music to my ears!

I have been walking on cloud nine since and showing off my peanuts first baby pictures.

28 weeks to go!