Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bubbie's Father

Bubbie isn't old enough yet to tell you about his awesome dad, so his awesome mother will try to play tribute.

Bubbie couldn't be a luckier boy than to get G as his father. He will be able to learn numerous life lessons all from one man.

1. Don't sweat the small stuff. Water off a duck back, that is G approach to it all. I really hope Bub's can learn that one.

2. No matter how optimistic you are, a little pessimism will keep you in check with reality.

3. You can take more in if you take your time.

4. Progress takes time.

5. Listen more than you speak.

6. Technology will take you into the future. Gadgets are good.

7. Hard work and good ethics are a must.

8. Respect your family. (Especially your mother.)

9. Shaving is a chore. (He really hates it!)

10. Jean's are dress clothing.

11. Check your credit report often.

12. Double check the internet for deals.

13. Rough housing is a way of life.

14. You are loved no matter what!

15. "We are so glad you have come"

Above all, I can't teach him to be a man. His father will be the one to teach him that.

But most of all, he will probably teach him how to pee on the tree in the yard ( all so he doesn't have to go inside).

An believe you me, if G was reading this he would agree and be very proud.

Most of the time he would joke, but I know that if, in the end my son grows up to be half the man his father is we have done good.

A little kudos to my in-laws...great job...good man!

So G, all I got to say is Happy Father's Day, we love you!