Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Ear (Can you hear me)

Called the nurse on Sunday. She didn't tell me anything I already wasn't doing for the fever. She recommended he be seen by the Doctor Monday morning (he was suppose to start his new daycare Monday morning).

Since I spoke with the nurse Sunday he has been cool as a cucumber, not a fever in sight. We still took him to the doctor's Monday. Fever still gone but his left ear was "red" (this is the extent of the information I get from G when he takes him to the doctor's), now on antibiotics. He has had 3 other Left ear infections in the past. I hope we are not on the path to tubes.

On a lighter note. He did go to daycare yesterday and did great. He really liked the two ladies in his room, there were only two other babies in his room the same age as him. I don't think he even noticed when I left. (I of course had knots in my stomach)

The best part was I was able to go to the center at lunch and feed him lunch. The fact that he is a 3 min (I timed it) walk from me is so comforting. He also did great on the commute. Thank God for car DVD players, Baby Einstein and Toy Story.


  1. Glad he is feeling better! Fevers are so scary!

    The daycare sounds wonderful, especially being so close!

  2. I've had four kids and no ear infections. Crazy, Ha? I'm glad things went well.

  3. DVD players are the best invention evah!

    Glad there's no ear infection and that day care went well!