Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Shot Monday: Perspective

I really like when I capture a moment with a different perspective. I feel lately I have been missing perspective in most of my photographs. That was one of the reasons I took a break from my 365. I was starting to take a picture just to take a picture.

I was glad I decided to pick the camera up the other day and captured Francesco. He was explaining to me how to cut the paper so that it would be a "rocket ship". I love to watch him grow into this person with a big personality and big ideas.

It's captured moments like these that give me a bit of a different perspective.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I totally have to share this!

This is not my story but I just had to share it!
One of my co-workers shared this story with me.

Her son asked her on the way to daycare/camp the other day if she was "on-call". She said 'yes'. he said, "is that why we are rushing?", she says, "yes honey that is why we are rushing," . He proceed to point out the difference between "rushing" -being in hurry to "Russian" - a nationality. She tells him that they actually have a little "Russian" in them on there Grandfathers side.
When they pull into the daycare her daughter asks, "am I'm Italian?" My friend tells her no your not Italian. Then her daughter says, "am I Ranch?"


When she told me that I was crying in laughter. I love the things kids say.
Instead of Italian I want to me "Ranch"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Shot Monday: My Little Old Man

It was a busy but fun weekend that ended way too soon. We went from one function to the next and the boys had a grand time. Saturday we visited with my family to celebrate my Grand-pop's 92nd Birthday! My mother got the boys these hats to wear. Francesco did not care for them but Nicolo loves hats. I thought he looked like an old man in it, a cute old man!



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Team Up Thursday : Shoes

I know I am late posting, but I was early getting my photo out. That's only because on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday...this has been a long week.

Jen and I chose SHOES as our theme. I gave Jen a little list of idea and asked her to choice, then when she choose SHOES I knew exactly what I would capture.

Jen's is of her pretty pedicured toes and a bunch of her girlfriends on a GNO. She asked in her blog if you could guess which was her. I am guessing the Flip-Flops with the green polish. That has to be the New Green Mamma! What I love about hers is that I wish I could have been there. GNO are the best and so need by us all.


Mine is a shot of the awesomely cute saddle shoes my mother bought for my boys. She purchased them for a wedding we were attending but I could not just have them wear them once. Nicolo is usually in a plaid shorts and polo outfit to begin with and those shoes just finish the look. I just love them and I like the perspective I got on this shot.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One for the customer!

I have a lot of saying that I use all the time now that I am the mother if 2 very active and LIVELY young boys.
For example:
Settle down - I must say this at least 20-30 time a day and mostly between the hours of 5:30p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Pay attention/Focus - most commonly heard when I am trying to get them ready and out the door.
Look at me - if I don't say this when I want them to listen they are lost in space or mesmerized by the TV.
Walking feet - which usually only gets me a slower version of the full on run that they were just in. They only have 2 speeds, fast or turtle (the latter is only evident when I am the one in a hurry).
One per customer - this was something my parents use to say and now I find myself saying when I get asked for multiple Popsicle.

Francesco: can I have a Popsicle?
Me: Sure, what color?
Francesco: Green

3-4 minutes later

Francesco: Can I have another Popsicle?
Me: No, it's one per customer!
Francesco: Can I have a water ice?
Me: I told you one per customer!
Francesco: I had a Popsicle not a water ice!

Me: (he's got a point) Okay then, but no more.
Francesco: Thanks Mommy, one for the customer!

LOVE IT: One for the customer!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Shot Monday: Half Dome

I've been trying to get through the gazillion photos that I took while we were away on our trip. Like I said before I found out I am not a landscape photographer. I also think that if I had more time and could have picked the time of day I was taking the photos they may have done the landscape more justice. I just don't think what I captured really showed how amazing it all really was.
I did find one photo that I really liked. The best compliment I got was from my husband. I put the photo as the computers wallpaper and he asked "where you get that from?" He thought it was a photo from the computer or one I downloaded.
This is Half Dome at Yosemite. I am looking forward to go back someday and spending more time. We had a good time but did not get to do all that we would have liked. Perfect excuse to go back.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Structure

This week the New Green Momma and I went with the theme of structure. Jen sent me this awesome shot of a castle, I wonder what and where it is. I was going to ask her but I wanted to wait till she posted. I tried to read the sign but was not able. I was intrigued, it sorta reminded me of the Dutch Wonderland Castle here in Pennsylvania. The only castles I ever saw were in Ireland and what an amazing trip that was.


I got lucky this week. Right after I suggested the theme of structure I was off to Cambridge, MA for MIT's Graduation. I am very proud that my baby little younger brother graduated this weekend. He got his Master in Civil & Environmental Engineering, he studied the "Engineering Properties of Resedimented Ugnu Clay from the Alaskan North Slope." I say he got a Master of Science for playing with dirt and he has been doing that for as long as I can remember. I see this and tell myself, there is hope for my youngest Nicolo, since dirt is his favorite to.

On our walk back after the reception he showed me this building designed by Frank Gehry and called 'Party of Drunken Robots'. It sure looks like someone was drunk when they designed it.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

365 - Week ???

So as you may have noticed since week 19 I have not posted a 365 mosaic. Not that I did not take pictures, I just could not get around to doing anything with them. Then life really got in the way. I had a project at work that required me to be there over the weekend and long hours, I had to pack to travel cross country with 2 little kids and then return home to travel again for a day. Like I said life go in the way (as always).

Now, even though I took pictures as I look through the tons of photos from our trip and the ones that I took so I would have a shot for a day, I find few and far between that inspire me. I actually looked at my camera in it's bag Monday morning as I packed the car for work and just decided not to bring it.

That was the first time in 157 days that I did not have my camera with me. It's still in the bag as we speak. I have a ton of photos from the trip, the wedding and the graduation, the thought of taking more pictures over whelms me. I feel like I need a little break. So that's what I am doing.

Out of the ~335 pictures I took at my sister in-laws wedding alone this was my favorite.

Don't worry, not that you are, I am not giving up I am just taking a break.

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Is A Test!

Somehow, someway, someone has a plan for me.

I think I am being tested.

I am sure of it!

This was today, between the hours of 6:10 am and 7:30 am (80 Min's, yes I counted it!)

The day started out smoothly but took a turn when I really need the boys to start getting dressed for school.

First I told Francesco it was "splash day" and he had to put sunscreen on. He threw a fit and whined and cried the whole time I lathered him up. "I want my clothes on, I want a hug, I want to play my game, I don't want to splash" etc. all in full blown tears. Finally he all dressed, game in hand and quiet. (he did not need his swim stuff on till later in the morning)

Next, Nicolò was suppose to go to school dressed in his swim stuff, including swim shoes, since his class goes out early (it facilitates getting them outside quicker). Well, I thought Francesco threw a fit, but Nicolò topped that one 2 times over. I am talking full tears, quivering lip, practically hyperventilating. All that over getting sunscreen, swim trunks, swim shirt, swim shoes all. I thought once he was dressed he would calm down, NOT. I also did not understand the issue since he loves to swim and USUALLY come running and willing to get his swim stuff on.

So, Nicolò continues to be completely beside himself while my husband tries to console him. No luck, so we took the shoes off. Now he was a little better, but not really. Finally I took off his trunks, put on his short and regular socks and shoes. Now he was better.

We get to school and there is a handicap door that has a Blue Button that you push to make the doors open. Pushing the button is like having super powers to my boys. God forbid the other one hits the button, its insane the reaction.

Today as I got them out of the car I put Nicolò down and Francesco was un-belting himself. Nicolò bee-lined for the button as soon as his feet hit the ground, Francesco was not far behind him trying to close the gap and get there first, but did not. The second Nicolò's finger touched the button Francesco fell to the ground like he was hit by lightning and all his super powers drained right out of him. Believe when I say it was Traumatic, for him (and overly dramatic for me!).

Of course all of this occurs in the presence of a number of people just trying to get in the door to go to work. Then we, along with the other trying to get in the door, have to wait for it to close so he (Francesco) can now hit the button.

Lord Help me!

Finally we are at the door to school and I see the sign on the door that say "Reminder, tomorrow 6/8/10 is splash day! Don't forget to bring TOWELS!


I forgot TOWELS!

Then I think, whats the big deal neither one of my boys want to swim, maybe it won't be an issue.


As soon as Francesco sees his friends ready for splash day he want to get dressed (even though he is not suppose to because he is going out later in the morning). I try to explain to him that he will get ready later, full blown tears and a fit again. Then I get him dressed.

Lastly, as I go to leave they are filling up the pools outside and the kids are watching all excited. I say to Nicolò, you can't go unless you get changed. He come running and willing to get all dressed for splash day now.

I tell you this is a test!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Shot Monday

We spent a day in Yosemite and I learned that even though the scenery is AMAZING that I am not a landscape photographer. I have a ton of great photos but when I went through them to pick a best shot these two were my favorite.

We took a nature walk and the boys loved it.

At lower Yosemite Falls the boys loved picking up rocks and tossing them in the water.

I liked the landscape photos, but I just did not love them.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Team-Up Thursday - Indulge

Last week Jen suggested indulge as a theme, I loved it! I was going to be out of town so, Jen very graciously said let's skip a week and pick up the next. See I knew I had the best partner! I then thought I would be able to get a ton of shots that represented indulge, I was going on vacation.

I went on vacation with a 2 and "4 in July" year old. I spent most of my time indulging them to keep the peace, to keep them in line and to keep them close. Francesco drank more soda in the past 9 days then he has had in his whole lifetime. The other indulgence we partook in was ice cream. This photo is of Francesco at an Ice Cream Parlor in Virginia City, NV. I also bought him a big swirled lollipop right after this.


Now Jen's is more of what I had in mind. What I wouldn't give for a nice cold margarita. She likes them the way I do too, on the rocks! I did not get much of that this week, but it was kind of cool to go the the grocery/drug/target store and get beer and wine with the bread/cheese/diapers.

A little preview of my trip, with many photo's to follow:
Reno, NV
Virginia City, NV
Truckee, CA - Lake Tahoe (Rose's Wedding)
Mariposa, CA
Yosemite National Park
San Jose, CA

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