Monday, January 17, 2011

What I would tell you

Dear Carla,

What I would tell you if I only knew the words: (about being a first time mom)

  • You will love him with parts of your heart you never knew existed.
  • You will be in total disbelief that you actually made something so perfect.
  • Watching him sleep will consume hours of your time.
  • The first time he smiles your heart will swell, well beyond it's normal capacity.
  • You will spend hours trying to make him laugh and then do it all over again, and again, and again.
  • You will realize that you are not the same person anymore, but now his mother.
  • Being his mother will be both the most rewarding and the most challenging career you will ever have.
  • You will cry, a lot, but they will mainly be tears of joy.
  • He will always be listening even when you think he isn't.
  • You will dig deeper than you ever needed for patience you never knew you had.
  • He will make you proud even when you are not there.
  • Your heart will ache to know he will one day grow up.
  • He will know you will always love him!