Friday, January 7, 2011

They know who we were...

Now that I am on the brink of registering my oldest for Kindergarten I think about him as a infant a lot. It feels like it's just way to soon, it wasn't suppose to happen so fast, this growing into a boy. He promised me numerous times that he wouldn't grow up. It feels like days ago I brought him home and held him in my arms. I would just sit there and stare at him for hours, I realized that I would never be the same person again, but now I was his mother.
when he was new
I read a guest post over at kelly rae roberts done by the amazing Katherine Center, its a letter she wrote to Kelly about why we hang on to our babies things. Something I think every mother can relate to, you know there are reasons you hang onto those thing but sometimes can't put the words to it, well Katherine did.

"You will save them as keepsakes, as tactile reminders of the baby that used to fill your arms every waking second. They will feel as precious to you as that soft skin itself."

"That’s why baby things become so precious. They know who we were in our tenderest moments."

I am coming to the acceptance that he will go grow up but I am absolutely hanging on those baby items. They will stand as reminders of who he and I were at those moments together. I hope that as he and I grow and go on this journey together he will come to know what he did for me.
Like Katherine said, "You will have become someone else—someone greater than yourself. Someone wiser, nobler, and infinitely more brave."
Thank You Francesco.


  1. I think that's why we take so many photos of our babies too. They serve as visual reminders of our tiny and sweet these ever-growing kids of ours used to be. They show who we used to be, how our world used to be.

  2. I think that Kindergarten for my first was the hardest. I was not ready for the next phase. Even though I wanted him to explore and learn things I could not teach him. After school started it was fun to see his world expand.

  3. As mom to a 1st grader and 3 year old, I can so relate. Thank you for the lovely reminder. I LOVE that last photo. So dear!!