Thursday, January 20, 2011

Team Up Thursday - Black & White

Jen and I are following along this year with the themes and this week it was black & white. My favorite thing about black and white is how the lack of color can really draw you into the details. Take Jen's photo, the carved church, the details in the carving really stand out. In my photo I think the lack of color draws you to the line of trees in the background which was really my focus of the photo anyway.


I try converting photo's to black and white quite often and sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't. Some photos just scream for it and other are better off left alone. I think Jen and I really nailed it this week (even if I am a little bias).

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  1. I agree. I think a photo has to have some contrast in it for it to be appealing in bw. Just like your dark leaves against the white snow. Great job, team.

  2. Those beautiful trees in the background where the first thing I noticed. Gorgeous shot.

  3. Lovely bokeh in yours. I also like your conversion. I am so here and there with mine. Seldom do any 2 look the same unless they are from the same session of shots. The church is cool and also a good b/w choice. Great week!

  4. I think that your conversion is perfect -- so peaceful and serene...

  5. you guys sure did nail it. the soft, dreamy conversion lets us focus on the serene feeling of the scene rather than being distracted by color. Perfection.