Friday, February 26, 2010

Why is it?

Why is it that he does not seem to understand when I say:
~Please don't hit your brother.
~Please go to sleep.
~Please eat your breakfast.
~Please don't throw that ball at the lamp.
~Please pick up your toys.
~Please come here.
(I always say please the first time, but as the number of time I say it I usually drop the please.)

But...if you hand him one of these:

Controller, originally uploaded by cgiordan25.

~He will beat you at the game your playing.
~He can tell you what button you need to push and in what sequence to do a multitude of complex maneuvers.
~He can push all these button without taking his eyes off the television.
~He will get frustrated with me when we do a 2 player game because I am just not getting it.

Lord, help me!


  1. hehe but the games are instinct :)

  2. Ah yes. Boys and their selective hearing. ;)

  3. HA! He's a prodigy, Cara! ;o) We have the selective hearing thing going on over here too, but she is not a whiz kid on the video games - has just recently mastered the mouse.

  4. If you figure out the why, you let me know okay? Good thing our kids are so cute. ;)