Thursday, February 18, 2010

Team Up Thursday : Shadows

Oh my, was this a hard theme for me. I had a lot of ideas but the execution was not there.

First, I thought of taking a lone tree shadow on glistening clean white snow, there are plenty around my work, the issue was the sun never shone during the day this past week.

Second, I took a lamp and tried to do a shadow of me holding Nicolo with my remote, it was dark and the shutter was long. He, who can not stay still, was very blurry. Then I tried to do one of their Buzz Lightyear toy, it looked creepy.

So there I was running out of time, and thought of the projectors in the conference room at work. So at the end of the day I went in and turned one on. I propped my camera on the table with a mouse pad and used the remote. I was afraid of someone finding me playing "Project Runway" in conference room, how funny would that have been to explain.

Jen had a similar idea that I did with the tree and executed it beautifully. I love the way the shadows crosses path.

Shadows, originally uploaded by cgiordan25.

BTW: after I went through all that the next day the sun was out in the morning. There I was weighed down with daycare bags (lunches and snow gear) when my boys decided to hold hands while walking and there was their sweet shadow...arghhhh!

I can say that it really has been so much fun doing the Team Up Thursday. Teaming Up keeps me committed and the themes keep me thinking outside the box.

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  1. I love your shot too Cara. The pop of color and the glare across the shot make it so interesting. The story behind it is too funny!!

  2. I agree that being teamed up keeps me committed, but I find it wonderfully fun too. I already told Jen that I love the long shadow being casted across the road. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall had any of your co-workers walked in. LOVE Project Runway :0).....But like you said, you eventually thought out of the box for this one. Great job Ladies!

  3. i had to smile thinking about someone peeping in at you in the conference room -- what a cool shot! i would never have thought of that one. these are a great pair.

  4. I love your willingness to think outside of the box and create something. I'm more of a capturer (not really a word) because I lack the creativity to come up with something original.

    Great shot.

  5. I think your ingenuity with the shot is awesome! I also like the way both images appear to be reaching up even if the tree shadow is really across. Although I feel your pain about trying to set up a shot and then realizing that nothing is working. Still, there'll be another cute shadow shot of the boys you can share later. ;)

  6. I was just telling Jen how cool it is that the lines meet up on these even though they are so different, that ties them together! sad you missed the shadow pic of your boys! you will get one eventually!

  7. i am loving the team-up thursday TOO!
    so fun isn't it!

    i love shadows! whayt is it about them? such a neat fun thing!

    next time... you'll get them holding hands! :)

  8. Hehehe! Your story is awesome! Great job thinking outside the box - it would have been too funny to get discovered! I hope you an catch the boys shadows holding hands next time.

  9. Sometimes it is the challenges that bring out something special. That is what has happened here! Superb!

  10. This sounds like the process I went through week before last. :) Trial and error, ideas that didn't work out. I think that's all part and parcel of being a photographer though. But then there at the end, sucess anyway. Such a groovy shot. :)

  11. "Make it work!" I was totally cracking up at the PR pose, Cara! And OF COURSE you couldn't snap a photo of the boys holding hands...but it is ingrained in your memory, I'm sure.

    So you totally made it work, I love the shadows.

  12. I love the idea of you doing this. Just thinking of it makes me smile.