Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six Weeks Down

365 project update:
  • In disbelief that I am still going strong.
  • I am enjoying the documentation of my day to day.
  • I posted new photo over at Moments in Time.
  • I am so glad that Jen asked me to be her Team Up Thursday Partner, it's been fun and a real challenge.
  • I just signed up for Picture Spring and I am excited to take this workshop that is being taught by Tracey.

Hope you all have a great weekend. For me as long as it doesn't snow or we lose power I will be extremely happy!


  1. I cant even imagine all of that snow. I cant remember who's blog I mentioned this on the other day, but I grew up in Mass. and moved to Minnesota when I was 15. All of my friends made fun of me thinking that I would be moving to the "land of snow", but it turns out that in the last 10-15 years, New England has had more snow than in the Midwest. I giggle now.....
    :0) Hope you are all staying safe!

  2. wow that is a lot of snow!!!!!!

  3. That is awesome, Cara! So proud of you for keeping up 365!! I hope I can do it next year!

  4. As Carrie would say, "Oh my peas!" That is a LOT of snow! :)