Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 8

Week 8, originally uploaded by cgiordan25.

Some I love, some I hate but I am still snapping away.


  1. Lovely...I so enjoy looking at your pictures. You are very, very talented. Do you use photoshop too?

  2. Which do you hate? They are all compelling to me in some way!

  3. I agree with the others -- I love them, and I think that you are so talented with your camera!

    I fell off the project 365 train really quickly this year (and last year too, for that matter) and I am so bummed about it -- I really regret it and I am thinking that I might just have to start again right now. I love your idea of having one collage for each week -- I hope you don't mind if I format mine like that -- it will make for a gorgeous book at the end of the year!

  4. Keep on clicking Cara. I think all your photos tell a story. Sometimes photos of every day things are the most interesting.