Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 7

I've decided to post my 365 project here on this blog. I can barely keep up with the laundry let alone two blogs. I though it would be a good idea to separate them but not now. I usually spend time writing a post here that I posted there. I did move the older Mosaics to a page here on this site. I though about moving them over as posts but this time I thought twice.

Week 7, originally uploaded by cgiordan25.

I have a few shot that make me laugh when I see them. The first is the book bag full of spoons. The boy pulled out all the plastic silverware from one of the drawers while I made dinner Monday night. I told them to pick them up and later was surprised that they did. Tuesday morning I went to put their lunches in the backpack and there were all the spoons.

The other is of my kitchen table, I laugh because it's the only picture I took on Saturday. I spent most he day scrubbing said kitchen floor and recovering the kitchen chairs with a PVC/Vinyl (can you say washable). I also covered the floor under Nicolo's chair with 20 gauge clear vinyl, lets just say I had to do some intense scrubbing to clean the floor where he sits. I like the shot because that is how my kitchen table and chairs SHOULD look.


  1. How cool that you recovered the chairs!

    Love the goggle shot! Too cute!

  2. I recovered my kitchen chairs with vinyl a while back too!!!! A complete necessity with two boys! Too funny...And, I also laughed at the pic of the plastic silverware and the fact you took the picture because you were surprised they picked them up when you told them! LOL, that would have been photo worthy for me too!!

  3. I love seeing your week in photos. You had some great captures. Keeping upi with two blogs is way too much. I tried for awhile and it's just not worth it.

  4. What a great share of your week.
    I think we have the same yellow goggles, counter tops, baby spoons and ICE right now. Crazy

  5. Wonderful shots! I have a few of those books, too.

    Yes, it is hard keeping up with more than one blog. I have thought about having another blog with crafting, sewing stuff, but that just sounded like more work than necessary. blog is an ADD as I am. ;)