Sunday, October 19, 2008

What an A'Fare!

In the mists of my super busy, hectics life there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I spent 1 hour and 18 mins preparing 12 meals for my family today!  I went to a place called The Dinner A'Fare today and had a great time.  Thanks to my friend over at Baked by Beanie, who told me about his place.  

I had a really nice time. I met 4 new friends and prepare all the meals for "weeknight" dinners for at least two weeks.  Why I did not think of this before is beyond me.

Tonight we had the Pretzel Crusted Pork Tenderloin, I paired that with a white and wild rice medley and steamed peas.  Sound absolutely delicious, doesn't it?

Well, I thought so.  The meat was so fresh and tender.  It was easy to get in the oven (all the prep was complete).  When I asked G what he thought I got... " I am still trying to figure out what the pretzel are for."

Lamb of God! (that's another story)

Do any of you have a husband that is a cutlet junkie?  I swear if it is not a breaded cutlet and any meat fried in oil my husband isn't "sure" if he likes it.  He is just a larger version of a toddler who will only eat chicken nuggets.  I mean come on it was a nice pork tenderloin the was cooked (in my opinion) to perfection and all I got was... "It's fine."

I swear I hate the saying "It's fine".  You would think this would be sufficient for me but it is not.  I think it has undertones of  "I HATE IT", I could be wrong.  Would it kill him to just throw me a bone and say..."this is great, you did a good job sweetheart" ?

I am not saying that if something is disgusting and inedible he should say that, but if he would eat it again than yes, throw me the rawhide baby!

It may just be that we are only going on our 3rd year of marriage and the "training" is yet to be complete.

My goal for the coming year will be to get my dear, sweet, loving, husband to know when to embellish the truth just enough for his overworked, under payed, tired wife feels like she did good!

BTW- I really liked it and have already signed up for another session.  Looks like hubby will have to go through cutlet withdrawal.  *grin*


  1. We have something similar and I love it. Dinner is always in the freezer when I am busy.

    Dinner is such a breeze.
    Hopefully he will come around to seeing how much less stress you have and say- WOW what a good meal- dreamin' I know.

  2. LOL! My hubby always says "it's ok"...unless he loves it!

    Frustrating. Great idea...I sooo need to do that, but I need to buy a deep freezer first!

  3. We use the Dinner A'Fare, but it all fits into our regular refrigerator

  4. OMG! He didn't LOVE it?? Maybe you can just slice everything up and throw some breadcrumbs on top.
    Hopefully he'll come around!

  5. Same thing here! "It's okay" from hubby unless it's one of his five favorites. He's worse than the kiddo. LOL.

    But that sounds divine to me! IfI had room in the freezer I'd love to try one of those meal prep places.

  6. what a neat idea ... I am always struggling with meal planning!

  7. anglophilefootballfanatic.comOctober 20, 2008 at 6:05 PM

    That would be men in general. And, I've found it to be harder in marriage on the odd years than the even ones. 2 kids in 3 years? WOW~

  8. Fabulous idea! A friend of mine was telling me about a place near us. I never thought about a reason to go but lately I've been struggling about what to make for dinner and after 9-10 hours at the office, I just want it to make itself!

  9. I think more training is in store LOL! My hubby has learned to love the things I cook, and has the added weight to show for it! My mother is an experimental cook, so I learned how to recreate recipes by taste. His mom cooked on the blander side, so when he married me he discovered this thing called FLAVOR. Sometimes it takes awhile to win them over, but eventually they learn that healthy and good are not on opposite sides of the coin. :)