Thursday, October 9, 2008

Help, Help I am being repressed!

So we had yet another morning with a lot of wine whine.  Francesco tried to refuse getting dressed.  He started yelling at G, "No, No, No!" and kicking his feet.  G tolerated this for about 2 seconds.  He sent him off to "Thinking Time".

Thinking Time is spent on the bottom step.  This came about because when we tried to use a chair he would scoot it around the room.  He figured as long as he was still sitting in the chair he was abiding by the rules.

So off to the step he goes with a lot of protest.  He sits there doing his fake cry and whining.  G say, "What is he saying?"

As I walk past Francesco to go up the steps I say, "He's saying...My life is so hard, my parent make me eat a good breakfast and put on clean clothes.  I am being repressed!"

A second latter I hear my words regurgitated back at me from the bottom of the steps, "I'M BEING REPRESSED!" Francesco yells out.

I almost fall down the steps in laughter, and when I come back down there is G just laughing.  He tells me we have human tap recorder.  It was so funny and eye opening to say the least.  Like my sister said I really need to watch what I say.

jump forward a few minute...

We are heading out the door for daycare/work and Francesco insists on putting the bike helmet on.  So I oblige because I really need to go and take him by the hand out the door.  G was already outside getting Nicolo in the car.  He see Francesco with the helmet and say, "He's scared of you driving too I see."

Why am I the only female in this family, why?


  1. LOL...
    My youngest so wears a helmet everywhere.

  2. *snort!* OMG, that's hysterical!

  3. That is awesome! And hilarious!

    And the helmet totally tops it off - your kids are a riot!

  4. stumbled upon your blog. your boys are adorable!

    happy blogging,

  5. OMG...that is hysterical!! They are adorable. We have a "thinking" step, too...

  6. LOL...yes, so repressed! Cute shot of your little tantrum thrower. :) Be strong, sole woman amongst the men. ;)