Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sit! I said sit!

While the mayhem of the morning routine occurred this morning Francesco insisted on playing with his trains.   Even though he has never watched Thomas the Train he has an obsession with them.  It all started after a visit to my parents.  They bought a train set for all the kids to play with at their house, well he was hooked.

I digress.

So there he was "peacefully" playing with the trains as G and I did the morning dance...
"Do you want me to dress Nicolo in the outfit you laid out on the changing table?"  
"No , let me run back upstairs to get a completely different outfit than the one that I brought down 10 Min's ago and laid out on the changing table for him."  (There is only the slightest bit of sarcasms in this statement)

Next thing I hear is Francesco saying, "Sit, I said sit!"

I turn to look and there is my precious 2 year old waging his finger at his Yellow Sodor Fuel train car that is now sitting on the bottom step.  He repeats this statement 2 more times with the same finger wag.

I look at G and say..."Do I sound like that?"

His response is.."I don't know if I should laugh or be worried?"

After a couple on minutes I ask Francesco if the "train" can come out of thinking time.  His response was..."one more minute"

Now I don't know if I should:
A) Laugh
B) Worry
C) Be pissed that he is acting like me

If he was going to emulate G he would just go around yelling "Eat!"

I proceeded to call my resident expert (my lovely, sweet, understanding sister) who told me that it was completely normal.  She did warn to to now watch my language.  


  1. Harrison started giving his toys time outs a few months after he turned two. It's like he is processing it a second time (or fully for the first time...)

    And he, being 3 1/2, is completely enthralled by Iron Man, which he has not seen and will not see any time soon. Too funny.

  2. I so hear you. My daughter is constantly saying things that remind me I need to watch what I say. They pick up EVERYTHING!

  3. LOL....I'm scared of this too! I yell at our dog when he's getting on my nerves and I can just hear him copying me someday soon...jeez...I guess we are going to really have to start watching what we say and how we say it!

  4. Oh boy, yes you need to watch what you say...I say this from experience! Anya is our little parrot, and now I really need to wathc what I say, too.