Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Car Conversations

I need to put these things down just so I don't forget.

On the way to school/work this morning Nicolo was playing with the voice recording on the DSi. Francesco's voice is recorded in all the files and Nicolo was making them do all kinds of funny sounds. Francesco proceeds to tell me how it's his voice and Nicolo should record his own to play with. I told him to let it go, he could play with the DSi on the way home. (now repeat the last two sentences 3 times.) Finally I got tired of the banter and said:
Me: For the last time, he is playing with the game now and you can play with on the way home. Do you understand?
Francesco: Yes.
Me: Good, then I don't want to hear another word about it. Got it?
Francesco: Yes, but your difficult.

I'm difficult? OMG, I hope to God he gets one just like him! :-)

Fast forward to the trip to the store after school/work.

Nicolo was telling us he wanted something, in the struggle to understand the word we figured out he was saying he wanted a bus and a car. I said we could look at the store. Francesco adds in the he wants a "Red Race Car with Flames". I again say we can look. They then have a little discussion between the two of them about what they want from the store. Francesco then asks me.
Francesco: Mommy, what do you want?
Me: Peace and quiet.
Francesco: Does that come in a box?
Me: I wish.
Francesco: We can look for it at the store.
Me: Now that I would pay money for!

Now don't think he forgot that we need to look for a box of "peace and quiet."


So for a couple of bucks at Target, you too can get your very own box of "Peace and Quiet". Isn't it lovely?


  1. oh my golly, that is so sweet and cute and funny!

  2. You are too funny and so are your kids! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. For two dollars? I'm so on my way to Target. ;)

  4. If only peace and quiet could be boxed up and purchased.

  5. Oh Cara, I adore that story (and your boys) and the beautifully simplistic photo that goes with it. Perfection on all accounts! <3

  6. Just last week Brie was making Christmas lists. She asked what I wanted and I said some peace and quiet. She told me it was not possible. But now I know I just have to head to target and get my own little box.

  7. Too funny! What great memories to have written down!