Thursday, November 18, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Siblings

Jen and I went with the theme "siblings" this week. I like the theme because I really wanted to concentrate on getting a nice shot of the boys together, but as always (and I mean always) things never happen as I plan.

To start off the kink in the plan my battery died, not like need recharging but like you need a new one died. I shouldn't complain, I've had the same battery since I first got the camera. So I had to whip out my point-n-shoot. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a point-n-shoot, but if you love your camera and all the things it can do you know what I mean.
Then to help matters the one day it wasn't raining and the sun was out the boys were a) not cooperative and b) not getting along. I cropped their heads out of this picture so you can just guess the expressions on their faces. Let just say this was not a nice exchange of the toy. I thought about leaving their faces in but I wanted to keep you wondering.


Now Jen's is so sweet, if my kids were that close to each other one would be yelling that the other is touching them and visa verso. Then I wonder...did she pay them to sit nicely with each other? No matter what it's a sweet shot and I like the angle and perspective.

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  1. No kidding, I totally agree with you about kids getting along - that's the FIRST thing I thought when I saw "siblings" - mine would be tearing at each others hair - and yours are so happy and calm!!!!! lol! Great dip!

  2. Hehehe! This is cracking me up, as from the picture alone they appear to be sharing as sweetly as can be! How funny. Great capture and story, Cara!

  3. I didn't bribe them them, but don't let this photo fool you. Although they do love each other sometimes, most of the time they would rather not be this close.

  4. I totally know what you mean about a p&s and your "real" camera. ITs just not the same! Love how you kept thier faces out of the shot.