Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Light - The Morning

With the impending approach of standard time coming and the shorter days of winter I have been compelled to take photographs of the morning light. I know that I will miss it so I am hoping my pictures will hold me till the spring.
Right now if I leave for work on time and get the boys to school without incident the sun is just barely making it's appearance. If I am running a little late, even 5-10 minutes the sun starts to rise and really draws me in. I will even go out of my way to a spot that I may have been to and thought, "wonder how this looks in the morning sun?". I mean if you are already late what's a couple of minutes more.
I know that with the time change there is going to be a little more morning light, but believe me that is short lived here (about3 weeks). There comes a time when we are leaving for the day and coming home in the dark (which seems to last forever to me).


  1. That whole image. ;) It's so pretty. With day light savings time this weekend there will be a little bit more morning light and less evening light though.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your morning light.

  3. I too am enjoying your morning light. I may just have to roll out of bed a little early in the morning just to enjoy it "in person".

  4. I agree on the morning light, specially in Fall.I tend to capture all I can when possible and leave it in my mind to take me through the Winter.Very nice pics. they say 1000 words