Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Rough Week

Wow, I can not believe it is already the end of January. As you might have guessed from my lack of posting I have been very busy both at home and work. We have a big project we are working on and a huge deadline in two weeks. I am not stressed in the least (if you believe that I have a bridge I want to sell you).

There were a few ups and one really bad down this week. A childhood friend of mine lost her 10 year old son to a rare brain cancer. He lived a lot longer than any of the doctors had expected. He fought the good fight. Ethan will be dearly missed, we know he has earned his wings! Michelle and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

It hard to think that anything going on in my life is all that bad after finding out about Ethan. I just can't imagine it and I hugged my children extra hard last night. I going to hug them even more now (I'm already on the verge of smothering them but I going to still hug them more).

On a lighter side I did finish another week of photos, some issues with sensor dust this week. I did suck it up and cleaned it myself, not as intimidating as I thought. I still see 2 small specks but I am going to take it to a camera shop to see if they have a sensor loop to look at it. I can not see these speck on the sensor when I look directly at it but I see them in the view finder and on the photos.

Another good think happened this week. Jen from New Green Momma asked me to partner up with her for Megan and Melody's Thursday Team-Up. I am super excited about that, Jen is so talented in so many ways. I will definitely be posting Thursday so check back. I am also going to try to get my BSM up early this week. I missed it the last 2 Mondays. I propose we go to a 26 hour day on Sundays to give me two more hours to get stuff done.

I hope that you all had a good week and that your weekends are even better. To all my southern friends getting the snow and ice please stay warm.


  1. Really what a hard time to see a brighter side. Your friends lose is a huge impact on the lives around her and you. That is wonderful that you tall about Ethan, this will help comfort your friend.
    I know from personal experience. I lost my brother when I was younger to a brain cancer, and it was helpful that people talked about him by name and in the present.

  2. So tough to hear about your friend's much sadness out there in the world.

    Hope your weekend get's brighter!

  3. I'm glad to hear you're going to be doing Thursday team up too. :) I hope the weekend is good to you.

  4. egads how terribly sad. I so cannot imagine losing a child.

  5. I am so sorry Cara. It does make you grateful for what you have. Thanks for the reminder.