Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Crazy Cake

So I wanted to make a cool, delicious cake for Nicolo's 1st Birthday, I found a recipe for a Very Vanilla Cake online and the person even used the Giant Cupcake mold that I wanted to try. I decide to use the recipe for my FIL Birthday cake just to try it out. I made a mistake in my transcription and the cake never rose, it was a disaster.
Since it was because of my mistake I thought I would try it again, this time with the exact ingredients listed on the website and I followed the direction to a T. My second attempt was better, I even used the Giant Cupcake pan. The cake tasted good but still needed something, but I could not put my finger on it.
I then tried making the recipe again for Nicolo's cupcakes and the recipe still was missing something (for some reason the recipe did not require salt and I think that was the missing link). So I modified the recipe again and attempted the Giant Cupcake pan, this time the cake was just did not release from the pan. Arghhhhhhhh!
So as I said my lovely neighbor gave me some industrial strength cake release and I tried again. To top thing off this time I needed more cake flour and buttermilk, so I sent Michael to the store to pick some up. The first 2 stores he went to were out of cake flour and the 3rd store he found the cake flour but they were out of buttermilk, can you say bad omen? I substituted Milk and Lemon juice and it worked just fine, and the cake released from the pan like a charm.

I was then going to attempt to cover the bottom with Blue fondant, so it looked like a blue cupcake wrapper. I bought white fondant and borrowed some paste dye from my lovely neighbor again. Since we had to travel and hour to my parents I opted to take the cake un-frosted and finish it there. When I got there the cake traveled well and I had all my supplies...except the fondant. Can you say frustrated? So I just did the top with white buttercream and called it a day.

You see that bottle of Jameson, this cake has driven me to drink the entire thing...just kidding.

Here it is with the sprinkles and a candle, the picture is really bad, my parents house is so dark and I did not use the flash.

So what do yoiu ask did I do with all that cake that did not release from the pan? Well if life gives you left over make Cake Balls.

Can you say YUM!

Lets just say that the amount of cake that you get from a Giant Cupcake pan will make a ton of cake balls. My co-worker are going to love me cause I am bring a bunch to work tomorrow. I am also going to lay off the baking for a while, I feel I need a little sabbatical from it all.


  1. Holy cake balls! That is awesome...what a great idea for something that would have just been wasted otherwise!

    Happy Birthday to little N., too...I've been a bit out and about the past week, but I'm getting back to my blog friends...slowly! Hope you had a great birthday/Easter weekend!

  2. You are so determined! That so took some major determination.

  3. Good for you to find the lemonade in the situation.

  4. Yay, sweet success! I'm counting it a success, even if it is minus the fondant. Those cake balls - YUM! I want to make some. Way to make lemonade!

  5. What a great way to use the extra cake! Looks like a huge success all the way around (even if not exactly as planned.)

  6. it's 8 am and now i totally want cake! that cupcake cake is fabulous! i really want to try to make cake balls after seeing all the hoopla over at yum.

  7. I loe your cupcake cake. I am glad it finally turned out perfectly. You have way more perseverance that I do.

    Making cake balls was brilliant idea.

  8. Cake balls? Cake balls? Okay lady, I think you've just invented something AMAZING! :)

    Too bad about the fondant (that totally sounds like something I would do). I think your cupcake cake turned out beautifully anyway.

  9. Your cake balls look amazing dipped in chocolate like that. :) What a great use for the extra cake. Your gaint cupcake looks good to me too. Although I have to agree it does seem like the whole experience seemed to take longer than necessary. 2 stores out of cake flour!

  10. That is the CUTEST cake! Those cake balls look so yummy, too. I'm hungry now!

  11. Cake balls?? I am truly amazed, Cara! I would have never thought of that - those are soo cute!