Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Checking In

I decided to take a few minutes and just check in. We had a Go Live at my work over the weekend and it's been a little crazy (okay, I lie...it's been a lot crazy). I am hoping thing will slow down now that we have been "live" for 3 days and all the MAJOR issue are (sorta) worked out.

I am working the afternoon/night shift. It's been a little exhausting, now I know why I stopped doing shift work. In the midst of all that my poor little one has a really nasty ear infection. It breaks my heart when my boys don't feel good and hurts even more when I can't be there to just hold and cuddle them. When I got him to the doctor she said she was surprised the ear drum had not burst. I can just imagine how much pain he has been in.

I have been very fortunate that my husband has really pick up the ball and ran with it. I a so appreciative of all his help and support. I knew I married him for a reason.

I also haven't pick up my camera that much so I don't have much to share. Since Nicolo is the one on my mine the most right now I have couple of him to share. He is such a sweet baby I hope that he feels better soon.

This is in the waiting room at the doctors for his 1 year well visit...a week later we were back for the ear. I think he looks like a little old man in that shirt.

We were in the play room on Saturday before I had to go to work (arghhh) and I just love the expression on his face.

I can't wait for thing (work schedule) to go back to normal so I can get back to my routine. I can't imagine how big my reader will be at that time. See you soon.


  1. No fun feeling that stretched. Hope it is over soon!

    Love the old man pic :)

  2. Yuck. I hope things get back to normal soon and your little guy's ear gets all better.

  3. My Tommy has that shirt! I just love little old man shirts. :)
    HOpe the little guy is feeling better ASAP!

  4. I really do hope things settle down soon. Hang in there!

  5. What sweet, coy expressions - and a very cool grown-up ensemble! Good luck getting through the busy workweek...

  6. Ear infections are so miserable for everyone. I've had that happen where the Dr couldn't believe how bad it was.
    I hope you get a breather here soon.

  7. Once you get away from shift work, going back to that is the PITS!

    I hope things settle down for you soon -- and that everyone has TWO healthy ears too!

  8. He *does* look like a little old man, but an adorable one! He's so sweet. Hope he's feeling better soon and things are back to normal for you all.

  9. Wow, I've missed a lot from you! That second picture of Nicolo is SO AWESOME - I don't know how you can ever say no to that face - those eyes!! I hope things are slowing down now for you!!! You are doing great to still be blogging so much - I'm SO behind...