Friday, April 22, 2011

Flying Kites at the Shore

Went spent the weekend at the shore for Nicolò's Birthday. It was really windy the one day so we got out the little $1.00 kites the boys go from the store. Nothing beats having the beach all to yourself.
flying kites-3

We were literally the only ones on the beach, it was overcast and windy but perfect to get a kite up.
flying kites-5

Francesco liked to find interesting shells.
flying kites-10

Nicolò loved being in control of his own kite.
flying kites-11

I love this shot because you can see just how empty the beach was.

This is one of my favorite shots because it has all my men in it.

The is Francesco finally looking at me to take a picture, love his come on already!
flying kites-22

I can never resist a shot of my kids cute feet in there new summer shoes - which they currently insist on wearing socks with.
flying kites-23

I love the concentration on his face, the focus!
flying kites-26

Eventually the kite flying went to the way side and they decided running from waves was more fun.
flying kites-41

As you can see it really was a blast.
flying kites-44

By the time we left they were soaked up to their waist. I could not believe they were not bothered by how cold the water was. I swear if we had them in swim trunks they would have been all the way in. We had a hard time convincing them that it was time to go at the end of the day.


  1. What fun! I miss the beach and wish we lived a little closer. Great shots Cara!

  2. Wow. Beautiful pictures!!! <3<3

  3. What cute kids! Nice pix! I always say, Any day is a good day at the beach. Seems your brood would agree!