Sunday, May 1, 2011

52 Weeks of Me - Week 17/18 {Multiple Exposure/ Rule of Thirds}

I know I have been such a bad host these last few weeks. One more hairy week of school and I am taking a break for the summer. I did make sure to get both shots for this week and last. I totally knew what I wanted to do but couldn't find the time. I saw that a bunch of you had the same idea. I loved everyone shots! I want to do a few multiple shots of my boys if I could get them to sit still for at least a few.
Here is my Multiple-Exposure shot:


This weeks was theme was the Rule of Thirds. This is one of my favorite photography rules that I try to use regularly. I had to turn the photo b&w due to being in the powder-room mirror. The white balance in the bathroom is awful.


Next weeks theme: Ground Level - I love this angle.

Thanks again to all those who are participating! Don't forget there is the Flickr Group and we are as always open for theme suggestions. Plus, if you want this cute blog button swing by Jessie's she has the code.


  1. Totally adorable multi exposure! How cute are you? I love your rule of thirds as well. The b/w processing is nicely done.

  2. I love your take on the multi exposure. I still haven't found time to do mine. : (

    I would have never known that the lighting was bad in your bathroom. Awesome conversion.

  3. I really like both your shots. the hear no....see no....speak no evil one cracked me up. :)