Monday, April 18, 2011

Nico - 3

Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it. ~Not Your Average Dictionary

Where did the time go? How can I make it stop?

I still can not wrap my brain around the fact that my baby is 3. I mean its seriously was just yesterday that I brought home a 9lb little boy who was the most laid back infant I had ever met. He is now the Yang to Francesco's Yin, the one that completes the family. I literally mention on a daily basis how different the boys are from each other. I like the fact that they are not carbon copies and love the little things about them that make them stand apart.

flying kites-37

Nicolo is my nature boy, dirt should be his middle name. He loves dirt and wears it well. He also is fascinated by rocks, bugs, caterpillars, butterflies, flowers, sand and puddles. He's the kind of kid that will sit there and play with ants, collect caterpillars and dig a hole just for the sake of playing in the dirt.


We also think he has a internal radar system (I think he is just very observant) because he can spot a Dunkin Donut's a mile away. He also picks planes and helicopter out of the sky well before any of us notice they are around. There is no getting anywhere near a train track without him pointing it out and wanting to know where the train is. Maybe is will be an air or rail traffic controller someday.

flying kites-2

He is an animal lover through and through, animals are also naturally attracted to him. We have friends who have two dogs and a son. Francesco and the little boy will go off and play and we find Nicolo sitting on the couch flanked by both dogs just sitting there watching cartoons. My cat is also not keen on kids, but Nicolo is the exception and she tolerated being petted and picked up by him. We take him to the zoo and he could spend hours just watching the animals, Francesco is the one that is only good for an hour and then we have to go. Currently if you ask him his favorite animal he says snake (let hope that changes).


I love to here him say his name, or when he tells me that Cesco (that what he calls Francesco) is his best friend. I love the way his hair sticks up in the back of his head when he first gets up and how he pats my back when I hug him. I love that he smells like syrup because he is a waffle eating machine and sticky kisses are what you get after breakfast. I love that he say "No Please" instead of "No Thank You" when you ask him if he wants something. I love how he always want to go with me no matter where it is, and he loves t try new things and foods. I love the way he tilts his head and gives me a little grin when he wants a treat. I love that he makes my dads expressions and has my dimple. I just plain love this kid.



  1. He can't possibly be 3. Yikes. Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday Nicolo.

  2. Three? THREE?! There clearly must be some mistake...he was just born yesterday! I can't believe how fast time goes...Happy Birthday to your big boy!